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Lent Term 2000

1st men's VIII

Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs), micklethwaite for carver, blackburn for glass

3rd of 35 men's VIIIs
Time: 14:57
A fairly uncomfortable row with skewy balance. (Martin)

1. Returning home, by t...
2. Returning home, by t...
3. Returning home, by t...

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Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st division)

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Head of the Nene (Senior2 VIIIs)

6th overall, 3rd College VIII
Time: 15:26
The target rate was 32 and we started well - the rhythm for the first two minutes was very good. Up to about half-way we gained significantly on Emma and had to contend with their wash as we failed to carry on past them. Things then started going wrong as we had no definite idea of how long we had been rowing. Somehow, the situation got completely out of hand and when we were all expecting about 6 mins more racing we found we had just 10 strokes to go. The effect on our time was significant. (Martin)
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Bedford Head

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Pembroke Regatta (1st division)

1st round
Lost to Emmanuel
The race was hurried and panicked and we missed the coherent 'rhythm' call at the end of the start sequence. We therefore didn't find an efficient groove to last us 800m; meanwhile Emma began to creep ahead at their rhythm call, and we lacked the self belief to match it - rating too high for the course. (Martin)
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Lent Bumps

Bumped LMBC
The plan of action was to settle into a rhythm and cruise as far as Ditton. 'New race', 'our reach' and other such calls signified the start of the attack on Maggie. Most of the crew were distracted for a while by Jesus behind - they almost crashed through a seriously fucked up bung start. We were two lengths down on Maggie turning Ditton. The rowing was fairly lack-lustre but we steadily reeled them in, bumping just out of the railway bridge. Inevitable was how it looked, but it took longer than it should have done perhaps. Not surprising we were down at Ditton though - Maggie are always fast to 1000. (Martin)
The bump was the oddest thing. I didn't really think we were that close, and then suddenly I noticed white and red. And their cox's shoulder right there but she hadn't acknowledged. So I reached over and tapped her on the shoulder to remind her. Her hand went up pretty quick! Only afterwards did I realize what a coup it would have been to nick her hat in that moment. There's always next time though.... (Dubya)
Bumped Caius
The hideous gale force wind blowing down the reach made our plan clear - to race hard to Ditton to put Caius under as much pressure as possible as they rounded into the wind first. Things didn't really go to plan however - passing by the Plough they had pulled out another half a length and LMBC had closed slightly.

The effect of the corner was dramatic - we must've gone round it ok because we closed by one length to be one length down by the time the crews were in the wind. The reach was unbelievable. Unbelievably windy; unbelievably slow; unbelievably uncomfortable and unbelievable because we closed. Gradually. It came down to quarter of a length by the Pink House, and stayed there for a bit - and a lull in support was punctuated by Julia's call of 'two feet!' from the bank which everyone else in the crew heard! Amidst calls of 'unsustainable!' and 'push for the bump', we hit them! Hard - breaking their last ditch push to escape. HEAD!!!

Don't really know what happened then - quite bemused really. Headcase was triumphant and boisterous; Caius were dumbstruck, their cox possibly injured due to our bows riding their stern when we failed to easy because of the wind and noise (we got fined). Head. Maggie took a long time to come by. (Martin)
Rowed over Head
Conditions were perfect. Caius closed fast. Round Grassy they were at a quarter of a length and closing, but I was already hurting badly. As soon as we were straight Tom told Sophie that we had to do something now, and we had a great push where the rating came up - and we went for it; I could have died, but everyone wanted it enough and we moved away slightly to half a length. Coming out of Ditton we had to push hard again. At about the railings I started to black-out, but the race was as good as over. We'd spent everything but so had they and we finished a length and a half clear without any further hint of a fight. (Martin)
Rowed over Head
This time our start was very fast, or at least that was how it felt. At the Plough, Caius were outside distance, which was quite blissful. I hoped most of the crew had mentally adjusted the 'go flat out' race plan. The attack came in the reach. From outside distance they closed, and our unsustainable push came earlier to avoid the tension of yesterday - by half a length, we were 'pushing for our bump'. However, they closed, and continued to close, at which point things got a bit worried - and supporters began to wonder..(The crowds on the towpath - particularly around the Plough were huge and larger than those of the Mays in the last couple of years!). At its worst, people had virtually given everything. They got within a few feet half way down the reach - and faded. We had survived, and knew it, and rowed under the railway bridge and to top finish, teasing back our lead and praying for no disasters. Caius, a length and a half off, stopped rowing a few lengths before the finish line. For the first time in the four days Sophie was not cool and calm but squeeled at us. We had done it. Thank you God. (Martin)

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2. Sophie receives some...
3. Returning under the ...

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Head of the River Race, walker for carver, stone for glass

Failed to get to the start
At 6:30am on the morning itself, TWR phoned to say he was very ill and couldn't row. I had to call it off - just as well since JWE was poorly too (they'd eaten together the night before). Rich was already in London but everyone else got informed just about. (Martin)
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