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Head of the River IVs, Mich Term 1999

A processional head race over the University Boat Race Course for Fours and Quads
Sat 20th November

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1st men's IV

"This was probably the most miserable day of my life. Appalling conditions and appalling rowing meant that we nearly sank on our way to the start and as for the race.... 278th, beating only 2 college 1st IVs - both of which presumably crashed or sank." (Martin)
My first trip to the Tideway ("look, it's the black bouy" etc), but I only remember two things:
a) Being overtaken by a women's quad, who heard me complain to Ros about it, and did an up 5 to rub it in;
b) It was not warm: my toes were blue afterwards. Blue!!! Brrrrr!

Two photos were taken of this crew within two weeks, one in the Uni 4s, one on the Tideway... On the Tideway we're several inches lower in the water because of all the water we're carrying! (Simon)

1. Misery on the Tideway!

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1st women's IV, Senior2 IV-

1. 1st women's IV on th...

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