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The Club's Results

May Term 1999

1st men's VIII

BUSA Regatta (2nd VIIIs) - Mixed 1st/2nd VIII: Won a Bronze Medal in the final
Bedford Regatta (College VIIIs): Won when Emma II scratched in the 1st round and Lost to Jesus (3 feet) in the 2nd round
Cam Sprints - 1st VIII Cam Sprints IV: Beat Star Club in the final
Cambridge 99's Regatta (1st division): Raced 3 rounds: Beat Fitzwilliam in the final

1st women's VIII

2nd men's VIII

Nottingham City Regatta: Won in the 1st round and Event called off due to high winds in the 2nd round
Bedford Regatta (College VIIIs): Raced 3 rounds: Lost to Fitzwilliam in the plate 2nd round
Cam Sprints - dewire for remoundos: Beat Corpus Christi in the 1st round and Lost to Southampton in the 2nd round
Cambridge 99's Regatta (2nd division): Raced 3 rounds: Beat Pembroke II in the plate final

2nd women's VIII

3rd men's VIII

3rd women's VIII

4th men's VIII

Cambridge 99's Regatta (4th division): Beat Downing IV (easily) in the semi finals and Beat Jesus IV (easily) in the final

4th women's VIII

5th men's VIII

5th women's VIII

6th men's VIII

7th men's VIII

8th men's VIII

9th men's VIII

10th men's VIII

11th men's VIII

12th men's VIII

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