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May Bumps 1999

Templeton's VIII

Coxed by: S. K. Haigh

Rowed over
Our view - the 8th boat closed to 1 length and NO more. We lost half a length very quickly, then tidied it up and coming out of first post we pushed them away, took a peachy line through grassy gaining loads more water and then noticed a big black barge. 2 boats behind us bumped out. Then two more. Two more, a couple more and some more still and were left being chased by maggie 8 !!!!!! (Stuart)
Bumped by St. Catharine's IV
Following the euphoria of templetons first ever bump we headed out on friday goign for what we hoped would be an easy bump on the tidy but mystifyingly slow maggie VI. This was the day to put 1st and 3rd VII above all sixth boats abr our own. Going for the quick kill off the start with a fast climbing Jesus VI behind we closed to around a 1 foot gap by the motorway bridge, we dont have a rate counter but for us we were already goign a bit manic. Jesus VI behind us were still on station and no cause for concern. Several pushes between the motorway bridge and 1st post saw us completely fail to close the smallest of distances, and as we tried harder so we rowed slower and suddenly jesus closed a length in an extremely short space of time, it all went a bit tits up from there really..... oh well back to the rowing over head of division 6..... (Stuart)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
Rain, rain rain. We put the boat in the river in the rain. We hid in the boathouse. We got the blades out in the rain. We hid in the boathouse. We tipped the water out of the boat, legged it off to the start. Under the railway bridge our practice start, heralded by thunder and lightning was the best 10 strokes rowing we ever did all term..... We got to the start emptied the boat again. The gun went, we ambled off the start extremely casually, catz 4 closed a tiny bit, but completely unfazed in our 6th row of the bumps we showed again how we are capable of being the 6th divison head boat by destroying everyone in thegut and surrounding corners. By grassy the 4 boats behind us had bumped out and we wound down to half pressure, and an even more leisurely rating. Half way down the reach a boat appeared, and unsportsmanlike crew they were - were chasing us for the double overbump, being pursued by a 1st and 3rd boat trying to overbump them and avoid maggie. Unhurried (well stroke pair were, not sure about the rest) we gave a little burst by the railway bridge and contnued to coast home, about 2 lengths ahead of binson, saving our efforts for the 7th and final row of the week. We went for the overbump in the next race, corpus three in the distance. A measured controlled race, aiming to hit them somewhere in the reach saw us gain no ground at all - but you should have seen how much water we emptied out of that boat. Oh well, we rowed over, rowed over, rowed over, bumped, were bumped and rowed over again and again. (Stuart)

1. In the rain on first...
2. On first post corner
3. Head of the division...

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