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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 1997

Regatta for novices, run by Clare college
Wed 26th - Sat 29th November

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1st men's novice VIII, 1st division

Semi finals
Lost to LMBC
A truly epic first round saw James Roslington famously crab off the start and the blade come out of the gate altogether. By the time he had it back in the gate and was rowing we were some two or three lengths down or more - but with all VIII began gaining rapidly on the opposition who soon folded catastrophically.

Several rounds later we came up against LMBC who went on to win Novice Fairbiarns and beat us by a couple of lengths or more. (Martin)
The first round was classic. Somewhere there is a fantastic sequence of photos taken by JET of James leaning out and securing his gate. Not surprisingly it was very rocky and slow with him out of action. Chris at cox didn't tell us what had happened so the other 7 of us just thought we weren't very good. Then he joined in and all of a sudden we were good!

The semi final against LMBC was evenly matched but they gradually moved away from us, taking a length lead. We tried to push back around Morley's Holt, initially with some success, but the cracks began to show and the inevitable crab occurred. It hit Luke, at 7, disrupting our rhythm and pretty much ending our chances. Luke was inconsolable; we pulled in at the P&E for a debrief where he got out and sat on a bench in tears because he thought he'd let us down so much.

What would have happened without the crab? I doubt the result would have been different unless LMBC had also crabbed. It was a fair result. (Simon)

1. 1st Novice men pose ...
2. Crew pasta in Z Blue...
3. Chris was late so go...

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2nd men's novice VIII, FACE, 2nd division

Semi finals
Lost to LMBC B (2 lengths)
Panos caught a crab on the start, we lost about a length and a bit, but the LMBC crew were a little faster than us and stretched it out to about 2 lengths. (Dubya)
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