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Title: Senior Women Easter 2017
Email: sweaster2017 at
No. of members: 36
Owned by: Isabel Vallina-Garcia
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Current group members

  1. Bianca Andrei
  2. Susannah Ashfield
  3. Sam Bell
  4. Kristina Bifani
  5. Kate Bruce-Lockhart
  6. Beth Clent
  7. Megan Crane
  8. Matthew Crowe
  9. Sheyna Cruz
  10. Olivia Edwards
  11. Mina Frost
  12. Liv Godwin
  13. Daisy Gomersall
  14. Imogen Grant
  15. Rachel Grewcock
  16. Keval Haria
  17. Leyla Hepsaydir
  18. Franziska Kahr
  19. Ruth Lawlor
  20. Sophie Maclean
  21. Giorgia Maffioli-Brigatti
  22. Iona Nicolson
  23. Preeyan Parmar
  24. Ida Petajasoja
  25. Mabel Qiao
  26. Solene Rolland
  27. Joanna Samardzija
  28. H. Shao
  29. Hannah Streat
  30. Charlene Tang
  31. Sofia Taylor-Coronel
  32. Isabel Vallina-Garcia
  33. Mia Watanabe
  34. Zoe Wible
  35. Rebecca Wylie
  36. Ebony Zhang

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