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LARD by Remigo Ergo Edo - Tue 2nd Dec 2003, 11:30pm
The Mich Term Lard Competition is starting to get quite interesting now. With just over two weeks left before the end of term it's anyone's guess as to who will actually walk away with the trophy.
This term there will hopefully be quite a few sub-categories, each of which is elegible for a prize of some kind: Lard King, Lard Queen, Lardiest Cox, Novice Lard King, and Novice Lard Queen, plus anything else I decide to give a prize for.

To be elegible for a prize, all you have to do is keep eating lard and make sure you attend the end-of-term dinner. For those of you to whom this all seems a bit strange, this is how it works :
Each item you buy from the Lard Cupboard in the Boathouse has a LARD rating which is related in some way to its fat content, so if you're trying to catch up, it's time to ditch the Bottled Water and start eating Flapjacks instead. :-))

The top fives (alphabetically) for the five categories as of last week are:

Men : Byrne, Davies, Holland, Ingram, Mycroft.
Women : Dennis, Hadrill-Barratt, Lee(Jenny), Russell, Sampson.
Coxes : Francis, Minch Dixon, Nanayakkara, Powell, Wolf.
Novice Men : Dewbery, Hill, Nicholson, Taylor(Chris), Wong.
Novice Women : Gutteridge, Michlig, Munro, Schaefer, Standley. (27 replies...)
Do you have a colour printer? by Martin - Wed 26th Nov 2003, 11:06am
Does anyone in college have a colour printer and is set up to print photo-quality pictures?

I have a couple of photos I need to print at short notice. Any help would be gratefully received - pls email ( or reply if i could come round this evening to use it. (Will contribute cash and/or paper.)
Catz womens captain's e-mail addres by Becca - Thu 13th Nov 2003, 1:00pm
Hey - does anyone know what Cat's (Catz women's captain) e-mail address is? If you do, could you e-mail it to me at
Bec (situated in Filth)
IVs Head by Hammersmith - Thu 30th Oct 2003, 9:03pm
I'm hoping to be down watching the IVs Head - aside from the FaT crews and JPD's Goldie III, who's rowing and in what starting position? (4 replies...)
New web site features by Martin - Thu 30th Oct 2003, 1:05pm
What do you think of the new stuff on the website? What improvements would you suggest?
I am really keen to hear what people think of the new message board / news stuff on the website - particularly if there are things which you think don't really work.

The one feature I have still to add is the option of including pictures in posts. Is there anything else you want to see or that needs changing? (28 replies...)
Missing Words by RTT - Fri 17th Oct 2003, 8:00pm
Given that HIGNFY is starting again tonight, I thought we could have our own round on the website. So, suggestions please for what might be hidden under the stars:

Another must have *************************, just so he can whip it out in meetings.

Oh and I guess our guest publication ought to be that unmissable monthly magazine known as Regatta (though this is not from said magazine). (3 replies...)
Mich 03 Lard Discussion by JT - Tue 14th Oct 2003, 1:50pm
After a bit of moaning from the Women's IV this morning, I have decided to revive the Lard message thread(s). Any comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome, but be warned that I may not ncessarily take any notice of what you write.
To forestall one potential whinge, I intend to soon put up a prices list. (9 replies...)
Coxing standard by Dubya - Sun 12th Oct 2003, 2:32pm
The email about starting up soc-rowing-coxes again mentions people making requests for coxes to sub into outings should state what "standard" of cox they require. It occurs to me that there is currently no way to quantify this apart from the very inadequate "first boat", "second boat", "third boat" etc which mean different and often random things from college to college and from year to year.

I wonder if we could set up a coxing standards group. We'd get a bunch of reasonable coxes together and make up a coxing standard test for a bunch of classes. I'm thinking along these lines.

Class I. New coxes. Test for this class should require demonstration of COMPLETE knowledge of relevant rules of the river.

Class II. Skilled lower boats cox. Test for this class should require demonstrated ability to steer safely and communicate with other river users (eg observe an outing). Maybe a written or practical test on basic rowing technique from cox's perspective.

Class III. Skilled college cox. Test for this class should require demonstrated ability to cox safely in racing conditions including some bumps experience, plus requirements for previous classes.

Class IV. University level. Should be granted automatically to coxes who get university colors, (upon demonstration of Class II knowledge on the Cam ;). But should also be available to college coxes with substantial off-Cam racing, and pass a test involving coxing a crew of some reasonable standard and getting a pass from that crew. (tbd)

Class V. Really good people. (8 replies...)
Gym erg style guide by Simon - Fri 3rd Oct 2003, 4:51pm
Anyone who has used an erg in a gym during the holidays will have been able to enjoy that smug feeling as you under rate someone on the ergs who just does not know how to row and is flummoxed as you pull splits which are far better than them. This thread is to enable us to contrast and compare "gym erg" technique.

As well as a fantastic piece of skill witnessed at the Indoor champs, with a contestant tapping up at the finish, my particular favourite is someone at my gym in London who manages to use their back twice in every stroke. Pure class. (9 replies...)
Chideock by Julia Gog - Tue 5th Aug 2003, 9:42am
Does anyone have Cass Chideock's current E-mail/real-mail address? If so, can you drop it to me at


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