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Lent Bumps, Lent Term 2007
re Tom's blade-bend by Dubya - Thu 1st Mar 2007, 8:00pm
Lent Bumps, Lent Term 2007
re Grimaces all round by Martin P - Fri 2nd Mar 2007, 1:03pm
Although it's a bit blurry, this one is worth looking at the full screen full size one just to see the facial expressions! Not that pretty... but damn quick!
Lent Bumps, Lent Term 2007
re Bow-side catches by Martin P - Thu 1st Mar 2007, 7:24pm
D'oh. Obviously I meant stroke side.
Lent Bumps, Lent Term 2007
re Eery afternoon sun by BJ - Thu 1st Mar 2007, 12:48pm
This is a great feature and I just wanted to try it out!

However, it is also worth a comment that the weather really was disgusting yesterday... Not looking any better for today or the rest of the week either.
Lent Bumps, Lent Term 2007
re In the gloom and gale... by Martin P - Thu 1st Mar 2007, 11:11am
Hello everyone. Just to say that you can now add comments on pictures, as you can see.
Also to apologise for this dreadful picture - as you can see my camera didn't like the fact that it was quite dark and hurtling towards the river on my bike at the time... but you can kind of see Caius conceding! :-) If anyone has better ones (I noticed a couple of fat people infront of me also taking pictures whilst charging along the towpath!) please post them!

As usual, Bryn and I need to hear of anything that doesn't work with this new feature, or suggestions for improvements. This has been hacked together pretty quickly, so there will be problems with it...

The easiest way to add comments is to click the small little message board icon just under each picture in the gallery on the right hand side.
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