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2nd Oct '03Picturesby mcp
A load of old pictures have been added to the gallery - have uploaded half of the 2002 May Bumps JET photographic photos. These are pictures that have not been on the website before. (Better late than never.)

Pictures of lower crews will be added once I've found out crew lists for them.

I've also started some of the preliminary work required to import the old gallery photos into the new system - so there is a good chance this will start happening sometime in the fairly near future.
by Martin - Thu 2nd Oct 2003, 9:58pm
Since I was in the mood, also've imported some of the archive of '99 from Hogley's website, as you will see...
by RSI - Mon 6th Oct 2003, 8:08pm
The more observant / obsessed will have noticed a few more pictures... the gallery now holds 1948! :-) Of all those from the old website gallery there are only about 100 more to add.

1) Browsing it
I think one of the best ways of picking your way through the large number of pictures is the listing by oarsman - which you can get to by going to Gallery->by Rower.

2) Crew lists mistakes
If a whole crew is visible in a picture, the gallery uses the crew list as defined in the results section to work out who is in it. Therefore, if the list of people is wrong because the results section crew list is wrong then going to Results->Enter Results and correcting it there will also fix the list of photo subjects.
Anyone can do this, or you can send email to with the details of a mistake if you prefer. (There are few ideas floating of possible uses for the huge amount of data we've got on here, but we are going to want the data itself to be right if they're going to work...!)
However, if correcting the crew list requires defining subs for particular races (or for particular days of the bumps), then please simply put details of mistakes into an email to us at this stage because this needs the attributes of the picture to be edited (which isn't working yet!).

3) Bugs / navigation
Having added all these pics., a few problems with the listings and navigating around the gallery have surfaced. It will get better - and ideas for how to make it easier to see what you want would be very welcome.

4) More pictures
There are more pictures - going back to '96ish, which will hopefully appear (but in a more gradual fashion) and will satisfy better those of my own generation.
by Martin - Tue 7th Oct 2003, 3:59pm
Ok, by popular request have added full thumbnail indexes and tweaked the format a bit - pretty much finished now unless I hear any more ideas/suggestions...

(With so many thumbnails everywhere, it might be a bit slow to use if your web browser isn't storing all the pictures as "Temporary Internet files" on your computer (called a cache) - particularly over a modem. If your computer is slow at getting thumbnails the second or subsequent time you look at them, try deleting all the temporary internet files on your computer (under Tools->Internet Options in Internet Explorer) to make sure the cache isn't full.)
by RTT - Tue 7th Oct 2003, 4:11pm
Martin said: unless I hear any more ideas/suggestions...
How about that term / year matrix we discussed?
by sorry - couldn't resist - Tue 7th Oct 2003, 5:14pm
RTT said: How about that term / year matrix we discussed?
What is [that] matrix?
by Martin - Wed 8th Oct 2003, 1:34pm
The matrix will have to wait while i get back to some work...!
Meanwhile if anyone has any problems with the funky new picture viewer thingy (that cryptic little icon in the gallery icons) can u email me?
by pecker - Wed 8th Oct 2003, 9:32pm
Extensive usability testing has been under way...
The 'breadcrumb' type trail at the top of gallery pages now scrolls the page to find the current picture when you use it to go back to a picture index.
Other ideas/suggestions welcome, as ever. (Although tomorrow is a day of work so more features are on hold until the weekend!)
by jmg doesn't feather - Sat 11th Oct 2003, 9:15am
How about having an ability to distinguish rowing from non-rowing pictures, so you can look at all the amusing drunken photos of yourself without having to bother looking at the horrible spacking in between?

I notice, by that way, that there's a distinct theme of criticising my bladework in the Lents '00 section.
by Martin - Sat 11th Oct 2003, 9:44am
jmg doesn't feather said: I notice, by that way, that there's a distinct theme of criticising my bladework in the Lents '00 section.
Yes, sorry. Can't recall my motives, now... Perhaps its something to do with you having mucked up the pictures - I note that it's only the nancyoutofthewateranddoesn'tmatter bits :-)
by Martin - Sun 12th Oct 2003, 6:10pm
On the subject of pictures... a couple of additions, post Saturday's accident :-(
by Simon - Mon 13th Oct 2003, 1:58pm currently has a "your favourite picture" thread... surely some off here are worthy.
by mjb - Sat 18th Oct 2003, 8:31am
Am adding the JET Photos from Fairbairns 2002 and Lents 2003 at the moment. Should be done by the end of the day (I hope).
by mjb - Sun 19th Oct 2003, 9:53am
mjb said: Am adding the JET Photos from Fairbairns 2002 and Lents 2003 at the moment. Should be done by the end of the day (I hope).
It's all done now, along with the JET crew photos from Mich and Lent Terms too.

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