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Which annoys you the most?
Fairburns  94%
Mitchell Cup  6%
Total: 16 members' votes
by Simon - Mon 11th Jan 2010, 12:44pm
Everyone's heard of Steve Fairbairn, but who was Dr. R. W. Michell?
by Rich - Tue 12th Jan 2010, 5:19pm
Simon said: ... who was Dr. R. W. Michell?
Seems to have been a heart surgeon and Caius rowing coach around the time of the First World War - see here
by Thomas - Tue 12th Jan 2010, 5:53pm
So essentially it's a competition between Jesus and Caius?
by Simon - Wed 13th Jan 2010, 8:26am
Thomas said: So essentially it's a competition between Jesus and Caius?
No, it's a spelling bee.
by Simon - Wed 13th Jan 2010, 8:31am
Rich said: see here
Dr C H S Taylor's obit has a very interesting line: "chosen in 1905 as the stroke of the University boat, and many will remember his "spurts" in the losing crew of that year as a wonderful feature of the Boat Race."

The 1905 Boat Race won't have been televised, so very few people will have seen the "spurts", unless he was spurting for the entire course, so that claim must be largely based on the journalists in the following boats deciding that was what he was doing.

I wonder if the rest of the crew knew when the "spurts" were coming? Maybe the "spurt" is something we should reintroduce to Cambridge rowing?
by Someone who has no idea who this 'Clouting' fellow might be - Thu 14th Jan 2010, 12:30am
Yes, I believe Clouting held the same view.

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