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Henley time!
If you could spend the day anywhere, it would be...
Leander  0%
Stewards  50%
Regatta  5%
Remenham  0%
Corporate hospitality at Fawley  10%
Barn Bar  0%
Gin Palace  5%
All of the above  0%
Boat tent  30%
Total: 20 members' votes
by RTT - Mon 14th Jun 2004, 7:55am
I go on the Lake Hunt, you insensitive clod!
by Dubya - Mon 14th Jun 2004, 10:27am
RTT, you're the insensitive clod! ANYONE can go and watch the regatta at Henley...
by dw229 - Mon 14th Jun 2004, 11:07am
Some of us have never been invited on the Lake Hunt...

But I'm sure we'll have much more fun at Henley anyway :P
by Dubya - Mon 14th Jun 2004, 2:03pm
dw229 said: Some of us have never been invited on the Lake Hunt...
Some of us are increasingly bitter about this!

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