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Bowside  45%
Strokeside  45%
Darkside  10%
Total: 29 members' votes
by Ingers - Sun 26th Sep 2004, 5:47pm
Hmm, it has just struck me that these options are not mutually exclusive for we know that strokeside is in fact denominated 'red' and so is also the Dark side...
by Ingers - Mon 27th Sep 2004, 8:35pm
A-ha, I think I may have found one of the underlying weaknesses in the FaT women...
by mjb - Tue 28th Sep 2004, 9:35am
Where are the 'either, I don't really care' and 'sculling' options ?
by After recent news, now only John Ketley will be a weatherman :-( - Tue 28th Sep 2004, 4:40pm
mjb said: Where are the 'either, I don't really care' and 'sculling' options ?
How about: "Whichever side upon which the captain needs me to row" (with phrasing just for RTT and CCSI)
by Dubya - Thu 30th Sep 2004, 4:21pm
Does the prevalence of the wrong sides suggest the club's in trouble?

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