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Videos from back yonder
www.rowtv.comfrom Esther, Wed 11th May, 1:09pm
I've only just discovered this page. it has videos from all the major events over that last few years. including FaT II glorious victory in City Sprints in 2001 with some well dodgy steering by what may be yours truly. It also has videos of steph whooping my arse at wallingford last weekend.... (3 comments...)
Yahoo! News - photos Simon, Mon 9th May, 7:27am
Stupid Puzzle Chris, Sat 7th May, 10:56pm
Not an evening well spent
Physics of rowing Rupert, Sat 7th May, 9:56am
So this is what the dark side are planning... (2 comments...)
Oxford Looniversity Mike, Thu 5th May, 7:30am
No-one ever said you had to have brains to be admitted to Oxford. (2 comments...)
Punch a politician!
http://www.punchaceleb.comfrom Amelia, Tue 3rd May, 6:37pm
Does your vote count? vlw, Mon 2nd May, 10:07pm
interesting way to promote voter apathy?
Pledge bank Simon, Mon 2nd May, 3:44pm Matt, Mon 25th Apr, 1:16pm
Rigging for spanners Simon, Sun 24th Apr, 4:14pm

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