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11th Nov '01Head of the River IVsby mcp
The IVs head is a huge processional head race involving 550 boats on the River Thames. It is our chance to challenge the likes of Pinsent and Cracknell in the same event...!
Both the 1st men's and 1st women's IVs went and raced it - the men getting within 3 mins of Pinsent's time ;-) There are some more details on our results page and a few pictures. (1 reply...)
1st Nov '01University IVs, Day 4by mcp
Most unfortunately, at short notice the Light IV is unable to make our race this afternoon, and all possibilities of subs or rescheduling it have been explored without success.
With all the crew now at 'full fitness', it is a great shame to be missing the opportunity to see to what extent we could have improved upon the weekend's performance.

Get out and support the 2nd men's IV at 2pm - they are now our soul crew still in the hunt for glory in the Uni IVs and are up against Christ's II. (1 reply...)
3rd Nov '01Emma Sprintsby jwe
Three men's novice VIIIs are racing the Emma Sprints today. Results to follow... (2 replies...)
1st Nov '01Uni IVs semi-finalsby mcp
In a good race, the men's 2nd IV, our final hope for a win in the Uni IVs, have lost to Christ's in the semis by 6 seconds. More information will follow.
31st Oct '01University IVs, Day 3by mcp
The 2nd men were beaten by LMBC II in the Autumn Head, so had to fight hard to win their place in the Semi Finals tomorrow.
Our Uni IVs results page has descriptions of some of the races so far for those who are interested - thank you to everyone who has written one.
Sadly the women are now out of the IVs altogether, after their 2nd IV (incl. a couple of subs) lost to Catz 4.
30th Oct '01University IVs, Day 2by mcp
The men's 1st IV had a superb row this afternoon, attacking the favourites, Christ's, and loosing by just 3 seconds. Well done guys! Something of an improvement over the 40 seconds deficit at the weekend....!?
The 2nd men's IV and the Coxless IV also cruised comfortably through the day's races, beating Tit Hall II and Jesus respectively. More details to follow.... (3 replies...)
30th Oct '01University IVs, Day 1by mcp
Four of the club's six senior IVs were due to race on Monday, but two went straight through to the 2nd round when their opposition scratched.
Meanwhile, the 1st women's IV cruised through their first round against Magdalene, winning comfortably by 3 lengths, but sadly came up against the powerful Peterhouse in their 2nd round, and the men's 3rd coxed IV met Catz II, and both crews have been knocked out.
Official CUCBC Uni IVs page
Our Uni IVs results
Pictures - currently 4 of the women vs Magdalene

28th Oct '01Autumn Head Resultsby mcp
The men's and the women's 1st coxed IVs both came 4th in the college IVs events in the Cambridge Autumn Head on Saturday. The 2nd IVs also performed creditably, placing in the middle of their events. Meanwhile the renegade Coxless IV proved yet again that training, outings and coaching do actually help - or perhaps just that coxes are worth their weight, after crashing on the reach!
Special mention should also be made of our men's novice crew (crew and results to follow shortly) who not only completed the course but beat plenty of crews too. (3 replies...)
22nd Sep '01Oxford City Bumpsby gf
After a hiatus which lasted many decades (excepting only a one-off anniversary event in the mid-60s), last year the Oxford City Bumps returned from the dead.

This year, thanks to the efforts of SJB, BPBC turned up with two scratch IVs. In keeping with our usual randomness, our coxes were from Emma and New Hall. Racing was under Torpids rules.

The nominally "first" IV (CCSI, JPB, AJH, GF) was pretty agricultural and opened with a row-over 1/4 of a length off our old adversaries, Merton Gannets. Meanwhile, the other crew (CWEP, DEM, SJB, JPD) dispatched an aged CORC crew in no time.

Second time out, the chasing BPBC crew destroyed us off the start. In an instant, they had closed to just a few feet off our stern. Push for push, we held them there for what seemed like ages, then eventually had to concede the bump and with it first boat status.

We then switched the tractor beam on to the Gannets and hit them just before the line, keeping our crew level, with the others being up two from one race.

Race 3: dull row-overs.

Finally, the crew that had become the 2nd IV was chased by a worryingly rapid CORC effort. They hit us emphatically, but we discovered later that this was only after both of our crews had rowed past a crashed IV which had started third (and due to that crash finished last).

So: Having started 5th and 7th, we finished the other way round in 3rd and 4th. Headship next year? Well, IC hold it for now and are no soft touch. Anyway, the "second" crew went up four, and hence can claim discretionary blades. One problem...

We now need to decide what our blades look like!

BTW, welcome today to our latest random ringer, Jim Brooks - a Gannet who was in the crew finishing second - he'll be joining us for the HOTC in October, along with FaT-coaching Maggie buftie Paul Alexander. (3 replies...)
17th Sep '01Boston Marathonby cema
There were two entries involving First and Third members in the marathon on Sunday - a woman's VIII in which Sarah Taylor, Rosie Chance (BPBC) and I rowed, and a men's quad which was stroked by Joe Grundy and included Tom Rose. Both were shamefully beaten by Iain the Boatman in his single scull!

The Boston Rowing Marathon is a 31 mile head race from Lincoln to Boston. (5 replies...)

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