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1st Jun '04University Boat Clubsby ipe
Continuing a Trinity tradition of representation on University Boat Clubs' committees, Alex Summers was voted President of CULRC and Alla Doubrovina Hon. Sec. of CUWBC for 2004-2005

In previous years, Joe Grundy and Simon Case have also been CULRC Presidents (2002-2003, 2001-2002), Guy Taylor and Simon Blackburn have been CUBC Hon. Secs (2001-2002, 2000-2001), and Alex Summers CULRC Hon. Sec. (2003-2004)
16th May '04Election Resultsby ipe
Here are the results of the Boat Club Elections, details are shortly to be found in the Committee section.

Overall Captain:
Andrew Lea-Cox
Men's Captain:
Andrew Lea-Cox
Women's Captain:
Alex Lee
Mark Sankey
Richard Bullock, Bryn Garrod, Phil Horler and Chris Mycroft
Zoe Michlig, Dilini Nanayakkara and Pia Schaefer
Kit and Social Secretary:
Lilie Weaver
Junior Treasurer:
Honey Duan
Coxing Captain:
Rachel Wolf (1 reply...)
16th May '04Election timingsby AHLF
BC elections 7pm today in WLT. If you are free please come along and use your vote.
12th May '04Electionsby ipe
The first manifestos of candidates for Sunday's elections are now available here. (2 replies...)
6th Feb '04Website Downtimeby ipe
For the forseeable future all email addresses ending will not work. I have been instructed to stop this function by the Computer Office.

The Trinity Computer officers will not allow the website to resume normal service until it can be proved that the group mail lists do not contravene any University rules. I hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience (2 replies...)
25th Nov '03The Prince of Walesby DJH
In a very enjoyable ceremony today the Prince of Wales came to college to name our new coxed IV. A large number of current and former boat club members going back to the 1950s turned out for the ceremony.

Peter Brandt, the Boat Club President, opened the ceremony by expressing the clubs delight that the Prince of Wales, a former member of Trinity, took the time to come and name our boat. The Prince responded in kind, and declared the boat be called "The Prince of Wales", pouring champagne over the bows to mark the occasion.

After the ceremony, the Prince of Wales managed to talk to almost everyone present. Including the current Boat Club committee, a host of former captains, and many of the new novice intake. All those who I spoke to after the event were thrilled to have had a chance to meet the Prince, and many strained to make sure they didnt miss out, as evidenced by the marks on Will's hand from holding the rope!

A few pictures have been posted in the photo gallery, and more will be posted soon so keep your eyes peeled.

A special thanks must go out to the Junior Bursar, Porters and Clerk of Works for helping to make the ceremony run so smoothly and get it all set up.
3rd Nov '03Naming Ceremonyby DJH
There will be a boat naming ceremony for the new coxed IV on November 25th. Details to follow but it is likely to be late afternoon in college.
3rd Nov '03New Boatby DJH
Our new coxless pair arrived today, it is currently still in wrappers but will be operational by the end of this week or early next week. We will call the boat Amartya Sen in honour of the Master of College. The official naming ceremony will be later this year at an as yet unspecified date, but hopefully before he leaves!
6th Oct '03Mens Squad Meetingby DJH
For all interested in rowing or coxing this term, including any first year students who have rowed or coxed in the past.

Any questions get in touch with me (djh79).
25th Sep '03Mens Squad Meetingby djh
Could all people interested in rowing for the Mens squad this term, at whatever commitment level, please come to a meeting in E1 GC at 18:00 on Sunday 28 September. I will discuss the training plan and times with you then and arrange sessions for this week. I expect to select the light four later that week and the 1st/2nd coxed fours the week after. I will discuss selection criteria at the meeting. If you cannot attend then it is essential that you get your availabilities for the week to me and that you speak to me as soon after the meeting as possible.
7th Sep '03Mens Squad Meetingby djh
For all those in cambridge wanting to row with the mens squad this coming term (both at a performance and recreational level) there will be a meeting in my room (E1 GC) on Sun 21 September at 19:00. All those in cambridge at that time please come along. If any of you are arriving later that week then email me with your unavailabilities.
19th Apr '03Start of term meetingby AHLF
There will be a meeting in E1 Great Court at 9pm on Monday 21st April for all those interested in a place in either of the top 2 men's VIIIs.
10th Apr '03Men's Training Campby AHLF
The men's pre-term training camp will start with a meeting at 9:00am at the boathouse on Monday 14th April. Simon Knight will be running the camp because I will not be in Cambridge. If you have aspirations towards high boats in the Mays you should make every effort to be there, but everyone is welcome.
3rd Mar '03STCSby RAB
Second Trinity Challenge Sculls website now up and running. Click on the link for more information on the race and how to enter.

Entries close midnight on Friday 7th March and cost £5 (free for members of 1st & 3rd Trinity Boat Club). (5 replies...)
11th Jan '03Men's Squad Meetingby AHLF
There will be a meeting in E1 Great Court at 6pm on Sunday 12th January for all members of the men's squad interested in a place in one of the top 2 Lent boats.

Please bring your diaries and as much information about your commitments next week as possible.
2nd Jan '03Lent Training Campby ACL
The campaign for the Lent Bumps begins here!The camp, between 6th and 12th January will involve plenty of work in sweep oared small boats (pairs and fours) to increase awareness of the movement of boats, and will also include outings in sculling boats, such as doubles and quads. There will also be an opportunity to learn how to structure erg tests to get the most out of your potential when these are used next term.

The camp will be a brilliant chance to get some training done before selection for the Lent Eights begins and is strongly recommended for
anyone wishing to try for the 1st VIII.

The camp will begin with a meeting at 9am on Monday 6th January in K9 Whewell's Court. If you have any questions, contact Alex Lee at acl37 or on 07764 475418.
2nd Jan '03Lent Term Training Campby AHLF
Before the start of the Lent Term, there will be a training camp on the Cam for senior men interested in a seat in the 1st or 2nd Lent VIIIs. Everyone whom this concerns should have received a letter about this at the end of last term, but this is a reminder.

Please come to a meeting in E1 Great Court on Sunday 5th January and make sure that you bring your diaries.

I believe the ladies' club has very similar arrangements planned, but I am not sure of the exact details.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year
17th Nov '02Indoor Erg Championshipsby mcp
Some members of First And Third (past and present) attended the British Indoor Rowing Championships today. Here's how they got on ...
Men's Open Hwt       Simon Blackburn 6.27.9
Men's U23 Lwt        Joe Grundy      6.34.2
Men's U23 Lwt        Tom Rose        6.48.2
Women's U23 Lwt      Sally Painter   7.40.0
Women's Open Hwt (!) Steph Richards  9.13.8
All bar Simon are currently trialling for University crews - Steph Richards is trialling as a cox for the men's heavyweight Blue boat and Goldie. (6 replies...)
11th Oct '02Meeting now at 3:00by AHLF
The meeting for the Men's Performance Squad is now at 3:00 in E1 Great Court on Sunday 13th October.
10th Oct '02Meeting on Sunday 13thby AHLF
Now that everyone is back in Cambridge, there will be a meeting for everyone interested in performance squad rowing. It will be at 6pm in E1 Great Court on Sunday 13th October. Please make sure you bring your unavailabilites.

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