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4th May '08AGM and electionsby bjg
The following notice is from the secretary. The only candidate in the KSS by-election is Sonya Milanova. Please visit the elections page for further details.

1. AGM

An Annual General Meeting of the club will be held at 7.30 p.m on Sunday 11 May, in the Old Combination Room. The Meeting is open to all members of the club. The officers of the club will give short reports about their activities, and we will discuss and vote on any motions that have been submitted. Any member of the club may submit a motion for the AGM. To do this, please send the text of the motion, along with information on who is proposing and seconding it, to me no less than four days in advance. Attendance at the AGM is especially recommended for those who are considering standing for election to the committee.

2. Special Election - KSS

Hannah Jackson has resigned from her position as KSS, which means this position is now vacant. A special election for the post will be held at the AGM. Candidates interested in applying should submit a manifesto to me by this Sunday 4 May. If you would like more information about the role of KSS, please contact me or Harriet Booker. The primary duty of the new KSS will be to organise this term's bop, so this should be perfectly compatible with exams.

3. General Elections

General elections for next year's committee will take place at 7.30 p.m. on Sunday 18 May, in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre. All candidates will be asked to hold a short speech and answer questions from the floor. Voting will be by secret ballot. If you are interested in running for any position on next year's committee, feel free to contact the current incumbent (a list can be found here). For more information about the duties of the different committee members, please consult the club's constitution (available here).

In order to put yourself forward as a candidate for election, you must submit a manifesto to me no less than a week before the elections. These manifestos must be proposed and seconded by two other members of the club. For examples of past years' manifestos, see here.

All full members of the club who have rowed in at least two of the past three terms (including this one) may vote in the elections. Members who want to vote but cannot attend the elections in person may nominate another member to vote for them. Please consult the constitution for details on how to do this.

Please note that candidates for the Overall Captaincy must also run for the position of either Men's Captain or Women's Captain. Also note that it is possible to run for the position of Safety Officer in conjunction with any other committee position.

Immediately after the elections, I will hold a college bill surgery in the Winstanley. If you have questions about the boat club charges on your college bill, or if you want to see a breakdown of the costs you have incurred, please talk to me then.

Any questions, get in touch. (5 replies...)
21st Feb '08BumpIT!by bjg
BumpIT is back - click here to play!

This is our bumps predictions game, now coming into its third year. The rules are explained on the main page, with details of the scoring system in the Leaderboard section. There are two versions of the game: 4-day, for predicting the complete men's or women's bumps charts, and Daily, for predicting each of the five days of the Lent Bumps.

Prizes may be awarded to the Lents 2008 BumpIT Champions, but unfortunately I've forgotten to order them or to find some money to buy them until now. Entry is of course free.

If you are not already logged in, then you can log in to play using your normal website username and password. If you're not sure what I mean by this, then please get in touch at

Good luck and get guessing! (2 replies...)
24th Jan '08Water Safety Officerby bjg
Danny's manifesto for the proposed new committee position of Water Safety Officer can be found on the elections page. An Open Meeting to vote on this position will probably be followed by an election, all starting at midday on Saturday in Q6 Great Court.
15th Jan '08Kit Order Now onlineby KSS
Kit order is now online. Please place all orders by 11pm Saturday 19th January.
3rd Apr '07Charlie Allenby bjg
As many of you will already be aware, Charlie Allen died last Tuesday morning following a long battle with cancer.

Charlie arrived at Trinity in 2004 with a fine coxing pedrigee, having been Captain of Boats at Radley and having coxed for GB Juniors. After coxing briefly at the start of his time here, he decided to devote his energies to coaching, being particularly involved with the women's side of the club. Highlights of his coaching career include the infamous 'Up 6' Women's Lent VIII of 2005 and two strong 2nd Women's VIIIs in 2006.

Charlie's style was ruthless and uncompromising. In Lent 2006 he moulded Dom Hockley into a cox in his own image, leading to disqualification in Pembroke Regatta. For Charlie, this was merely a sign that Dom was learning the correct, aggressive approach to coxing - as his race report states, 'Dom, I am sooooo proud of you'. This was soon followed by the sinking of Downing in the Lent Bumps.

I will always remember the last time I was coxed by Charlie as a typical illustration of his attitude. He was subbing into the coxed IV last Michaelmas and we were doing a practice piece around the corners. Within a few strokes the rudder had snapped off but, undeterred by this, Charlie still steered between two crews and around First Post Corner using only his hands and expletives before finally giving up.

Charlie was heavily involved in drama, variously starring in, directing and producing plays including the Dryden Society's most recent production of The Country Wife. He was also an occasional speaker at the Magpie and Stump comedy debating society. He was a colourful and likeable character, and was well-known around college. He will be sorely missed by those who knew him.

Charlie had planned to make a return to coxing in the Lents, but was unfortunate to be prevented from doing so by his worsening health. Despite his lack of involvement, he maintained a keen interest in and support for the club.

There will be a memorial service for friends and family in Warminster on Friday 13 April, and another in Trinity Chapel on Saturday 28 April at 2.30pm, which everyone is welcome to attend. If you need more details of these services, or would like to pass a message to his family or make a donation in Charlie's name, then please get in touch with Lynsey Porter (lkp25). (1 reply...)
6th Oct '07Kit order now onlineby KSS
Kit order is now online. Please place your orders by 11pm saturday 13th October.
10th Jun '07BumpIT!by bjg
BumpIT is back - click here to play!

This is our bumps predictions game, now coming up to the end of its second year. The rules (unchanged since the Lents) are explained on the main page, with details of the scoring system in the Leaderboard section. There are two versions of the game: 4-day, for predicting the complete men's or women's bumps charts, and Daily, for predicting each of the four days of the May Bumps.

Prizes will be awarded to the Mays 2007 BumpIT Champions: hoodies for the 4-day competitions and T-shirts for the Daily ones, so if you're running short on clothes then get that entry in! Entry is of course free. Following a trial for the Lents, there will be a return of the 'BumpIT spanner', awarded for the most accurate predictions of the M6 and W5 divisions.

If you are not already logged in, then you can log in to play using your normal website username and password. If you're not sure what I mean by this, then please get in touch at webmaster at

Good luck and get guessing!
5th Jun '07Boat Namingby elt
We have many new (and not-so-new) boats which have not yet been officially named. Come and see the club's newest additions to our fleet take pride of place in the Fellows' Garden at 1.30pm, followed by a garden party until 4pm (price of admission TBC). All current and past members of First and Third very welcome.
16th May '072007-2008 Manifestosby bjg
The manifestos that have been received are now available on the elections page.

There are as yet no candidates for the posts of Women's Captain, Secretary and Junior Treasurer. These are all vital positions for the running of the club, so if you have not stood for a position but have the necessary skills then please strongly consider standing.

This year's elections will be held this Sunday 20 May at 7pm in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre. (12 replies...)
20th May '07Election Resultsby PJH
Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that the following were elected as officers of the 2007/8 Committee of First and Third Trinity Boat Club at the elections yesterday. Many congratulations to them all, and thanks to those who voted: There was a total of 50 members voting in person.

Overall Captain: Ming-Chee Chung.
Men's Captain: Ming-Chee Chung.
Women's Captain: Harriet Booker.
Secretary: Magnus Jones.
Coxing Captain: Emma Leadbetter.
Men's Lower Boats Captains: Harry Braviner, Ji-Jian Chow, Adam Csenki and Thomas O'Neill (joint team).
Women's Lower Boats Captains: Charley Bates, Rachel Croft, Liz Hill and Alex Sye (joint team).
Junior Treasurer: Charles Franklin.
Kit and Social Secretary (KSS): Hannah Jackson.
Webmaster: Bryn Garrod.

The officers-elect will take office at the comclusion of the 2007 Henley Royal Regatta, viz. Sunday 8 July, or after the men's crew is knocked out. I, on behalf of the current officers and members, wish them all the best. Under their leadership may the club continue to enjoy great success!


The full voting results were as follows (using a single transferable vote system):

Garrod = 39, RoN = 10, Spoilt = 1; Garrod elected.

Junior Treasurer:
Franklin = 44, RoN = 2; Franklin elected.

Kit and Social Secretary (KSS):
Jackson = 31, Ooi = 18 RoN = 1; Jackson elected.

Women's Lower Boats Captains:
{Bates, Croft, Hill, Sye} = 43, RoN = 5; {Bates, Croft, Hill, Sye} elected.

Men's Lower Boats Captains:
{Braviner, Chow, Csenki, O'Neill} = 25; RoN = 24; {Braviner, Chow, Csenki, O'Neill} elected

Coxing Captain:
Leadbetter = 48, RoN = 0; Leadbetter elected.

Jones =36, RoN = 3; Jones elected.

Women's Captain:
Booker = 24, RoN = 1; Booker elected and put forward for Overall Captain election.

Men's Captain:
Chung = 24, RoN = 1; Chung elected and put forward for Overall Captain election.

Overall Captain:
Booker = 3, Chung = 41; Chung elected.

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