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Second Trinity Challenge Sculls


The event will abide by the CUCBC handbook. References to rules are to the rules in this handbook.

    1. This is a timed (Head) race. The race shall take place from the Little Bridge above Baitsbite Lock to Peter's Posts.
    2. Timing will commence when the bow passes through the start post after the boat has made a start from a point before the post (i.e. a "rolling start"). Timing will stop when the bow passes through Peter's Posts.
  1. There shall be two divisions of races, each with its own prize: a division for Shell sculling boats and a division for Clinker-built sculling boats. The CUCBC definition of clinker built (Rule 3.6b) shall be used in determining entries.
  2. This race takes place annually on the 8th Tuesday of the Lent Term.
  3. Any member of the University qualified to row in CUCBC-run races according to Rules 4.39 - 4.40 is qualified to compete.
    1. The entrance fee shall be determined by the First and Third Trinity Boat Club (subject to Rule 4.45).
    2. The name of each competitor, together with the entrance fee, and the name of their Club or College, must reach the race secretary not later than the Friday before the race.
    3. Members of the First and Third Trinity Boat Club shall be exempt from the entrance fee.
  4. The Committee of the First and Third Trinity Boat Club have the power of appointing all umpires, starters, and judges, presenting the prize to the successful candidate, and determining all and every dispute that may arise among the competitors.
  5. Each boat is to abide by its own accidents.
  6. Any boat shall not touch any other boat, but may pass at the discretion of the Umpires. Boats may not overtake in the Gut. Boats overtaking have the right of way and boats being passed should take a wide line on corners so as not to impede the faster boat.
  7. If the difference between the two boats at the finish of a race is less than one second, the Umpire shall deem the race a dead heat.
  8. Competitors may be coached and steered up to and during the races.
    1. Competitors' attention is drawn to the CUCBC rules of the river, contained in the CUCBC handbook. Those rules apply to this race and in the event of any conflict between these laws and the CUCBC handbook the handbook shall be deemed to be authoritative.
    2. Particular attention is drawn to the following rules:
      - Rule 3.4: Alphanumeric Boat Registration.
      - Rules 3.20 - 3.25: Steering and rights of way.
  9. Boat sharing is discouraged and colleges are asked to borrow boats wherever possible.
  10. Each competitor must provide any steerer that they require. Bank parties shall be limited to three cyclists per entry; bank parties must obey marshals' instructions and must not impede marshals. The Senior Umpire has the right to limit bank party size at his discretion.
  11. In the event of an emergency requiring the race to be halted, a marshal will sound a continuous blast of an siren. Competitors must stop and pull in immediately upon hearing this signal.
  12. Competitors' attention is also drawn to 'Summary Information', which shall be published annually providing more detailed instructions about that year's race. It shall be considered to be part of these laws; however, in the event of any conflict between these laws and the 'Summary Information', these law shall have precedence unless expressly stated otherwise therein.

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