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Second Trinity Challenge Sculls

Results Archive

The 2001 race was cancelled due to Foot-and-Mouth disease. Earlier race results are not currently available.

Past Winners

NB: As well as the conditions varying substantially, the course length was probably different in some years.

The 2005 winner, Charlie Palmer, took up sculling in January of that year, and moved on from his victory in STCS to lose to an Olympic gold medallist in the final of the Diamonds at HRR, win the National Championships in his single, and one year later make the A final at GB Final Trials. Not all STCS winners have been quite so illustrious.

Year Single Double Pair Clinker/Restricted
NameTime NamesTime NamesTime NamesTime
2020 (Men) Nick Palmer (St Catharine's) 12:26 Hammer Pair (Pembroke) 12:13
2020 (Women) Gruny Pruny (LMBC) 14:20 (UC)
2014 (Men) Bradbury (Jesus) 10:17 Warden/Wood (Pembroke) 10:07
2014 (Women)
2013 (Men) Malek (Peterhouse) 11:12.3 Warden/Wood (Pembroke) 10:26.7 (UC) Abbasi/Black (1st & 3rd) 10:34.3 (UC)
2013 (Women) Pettit (Clare) 13:22.2 (UC)
2012 (Men) Andrzej Hunt (Clare/CULRC) 10:27.20 Snowden/Handy (LMBC) 10:25.00 Will Hayes/ David Thomas (Catz/Tit Hall) 10:22.00 Alisdair Philips-Robins (1st & 3rd) 13:36.20
2012 (Women) Sophie Machin (Trinity Hall) 12:57.70 (UC)
2011 (Men) Marron (Fitzwilliam) 10:37 Marron Schramm (Fitzwilliam) 09:51 Pope Fuhrmann (First and Third Girton) 10:01
2011 (Women) Hopkinson Dalman (Selwyn) 12:51 (UC)
2010 (Men) Gray (LMBC) 10:43.4 Wedlake/Thomas (Magdalene/Emmanuel) 10:24.5 O'Connor/Purvis (LMBC) 10:19.2
2010 (Women) Railton (Pembroke) 11:32.7
2009 (Men) Dakin-White (Pembroke) 10:52 Kiely Iain (FaT Trinity Hall) 10:13
2009 (Women) Smith (1st & 3rd) 17:20 (UC) Simic Hornik (Murray Edwards) 12:41 (UC)
2008 (Men) Chris Morris (Jesus) 11:44 Tom Coker Richard Fletcher (1st & 3rd) 11:08
2008 (Women) Aline Howarth (Jesus) 15:15
2007 (Men) D. Hollinshead (Jesus) 10.09 A. Pascovitch N. Woods (Jesus Downing) 09.41
2007 (Women) C. Richer (Jesus) 11.37 K. Marshall L. Hopper (Jesus) 11.17
2006 (Men) Ed Richardson (Downing) 10:13 Aaron Pascovitch Nick Woods (Jesus Downing) 09:48
2006 (Women) Anna Simpson (Corpus) 12:23 Sarah Rose Anna Simpson (Lucy Cavendish Corpus) 11:01
2005 (Men) Charlie Palmer (Hughes Hall) 11:24 Chris Braithwaite (King's) 13:30
2005 (Women) Katja Lange (Pembroke) 13:12 Charlotte Richer Kristina Marshall (Jesus) 12:12
2004 (Men) Edward Richardson (Downing) 10:04 Chris Braithwaite (King's) 12:23
2004 (Women) Mathilde Pauls (St. Catharine's) 11:09
2003 (Men) Ed Richardson (Downing) 11:42 Dan Haworth (Emmanuel) 13:28
2003 (Women) Melissa Barrett (Jesus) 13:44
1999 (Men) Hopkirk (Emmanuel) 11:50 Goodson (1st & 3rd) 15:49 (UC)
1999 (Women)

2020 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Pair Hammer Pair Pembroke 12:13
Men's Single Nick Palmer St Catharine's 12:26
Men's Single Harry Fieldhouse LMBC 12:34
Men's Pair Carr Magdalene 12:41
Men's Single Iddon Magdalene 12:58
Men's Single George Turner St Catharine's 13:50
Men's Pair Webster Magdalene 14:07
Women's Single Gruny Pruny LMBC 14:20
Men's Single G Hawkswell Caius 15:14
Men's Single David Khachaturov Churchill 15:37

2014 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Double Warden/Wood Pembroke 10:07
Men's Single Bradbury Jesus 10:17
Men's Single Elwood Magdalene 10:49
Mixed Double Coleman/Seelinger Wolfson 11:12
Men's Single Clark RRBC/Pembroke 11:25
Mixed Double Temple/Lucas St. Catherine's 11:33
Men's Double Sadik/Al-Kamil LMBC 11:38
Men's Single Nelson St. Catherine's 11:39
Men's Single Hoier Pembroke 12:30
Men's Single Myer Pembroke 13:02
Men's Single Barker Pembroke 14:07

2013 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Double Warden/Wood Pembroke 10:26.7
Men's Pair Abbasi/Black 1st & 3rd 10:34.3
Men's Single Malek Peterhouse 11:12.3
Mixed Double Maier/Kirk MEBC/Peterhouse 11:34.8
Mixed Double Shaw Downing 11:35.5
Mixed Double Ford/Gillis-Buck 1st & 3rd 11:41.0
Men's Single Lees Emma 12:07.6
Men's Single Cronshaw Jesus 12:11.6
Men's Single McCree-Grey Catz 12:21.4
Men's Single Rosser Emma 12:26.3
Men's Single Grenfell-Shaw 1st & 3rd 13:04.7
Women's Single Pettit Clare 13:22.2

2012 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Pair Will Hayes/ David Thomas Catz/Tit Hall 10:22.00
Men's Double Snowden/Handy LMBC 10:25.00
Men's Single Andrzej Hunt Clare/CULRC 10:27.20
Men's Pair Mike Whetnail/Stuart McPhail Downing 10:34.80
Men's Single Harry Jones Downing 11:38.10
Mixed Double Cobbledick/Snow Downing/Sidney 11:48.60
Men's Double Popper/Philips-Robins 1st & 3rd 11:51.40
Men's Single Charrington LMBC 11:58.70
Men's Single Martyn Higson Clare 12:18.00
Women's Single Sophie Machin Trinity Hall 12:57.70
Men's Clinker Alisdair Philips-Robins 1st & 3rd 13:36.20
Men's Clinker Jock McOrist Trinity Hall 13:36.80
Men's Clinker Grenfall-Shaw 1st & 3rd 15:14.70

2011 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Double Marron Schramm Fitzwilliam 09:51
Men's Pair Pope Fuhrmann First and Third Girton 10:01
Men's Single Marron Fitzwilliam 10:37
Men's Pair Grimwood Fuller Catz Robinson 10:43
Men's Double Guttenplan Tann Emmanuel 10:44
Men's Single Ford 1st & 3rd 10:55
Men's Pair Causier Jessop Clare 11:13
Men's Single Gliniecki Selwyn 11:13
Men's Single Wilson Magdalene 11:13
Men's Single Purvis LMBC 11:28
Women's Double Hopkinson Dalman Selwyn 12:51

2010 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Pair O'Connor/Purvis LMBC 10:19.2
Men's Double Wedlake/Thomas Magdalene/Emmanuel 10:24.5
Men's Double Charrington/Withers LMBC 10:38.0
Men's Single Gray LMBC 10:43.4
Men's Single Marron Fitzwilliam 11:14.1
Women's Single Railton Pembroke 11:32.7
Men's Pair Griffiths/McTiernan 1st & 3rd 11:41.2
Women's Double Bauer/Hamilton First & Third/City of Cambridge 11:44.3 (NC)
Men's Single Curling LMBC 11:58.2
Men's Double Coleman/Robinson LMBC 12:03.7
Women's Single McClean Emmanuel 12:53.3
Men's Single Wilson Magdalene 12:54.1
Men's Pair (coxed) Lazzari/Taylor/Fallas Caius 12:58.9
Women's Single Bauer 1st & 3rd 13:03.9

2009 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Pair Kiely Iain FaT Trinity Hall 10:13
Men's Pair Houlsby Gray LMBC 10:17
Men's Pair White Knight Jesus 10:34
Men's Pair Coker Gruessing 1st & 3rd 10:45
Men's Pair Ford Bellamy FaT/Homerton 10:51
Men's Single Dakin-White Pembroke 10:52
Men's Single Tran-Viet Jesus 10:54
Men's Single Coker 1st & 3rd 10:54
Men's Single Blaum Jesus 11:04
Men's Pair Martin Watson Christ's 11:09
Men's Single Morris Jesus 11:19
Mixed Double Wright Dix ARBC Perse 11:19
Men's Single Marron Fitzwilliam 11:33
Men's Single Ford 1st & 3rd 11:34
Men's Single Thornton Trinity Hall 11:40
Men's Single Kottenhagen ARBC 11:45
Men's Single Wright ARBC 11:52
Men's Single Dixon St. Catherine's 11:59
Men's Single Heron Christ's 12:00
Men's Single Ban Christ's 12:06
Men's Single Burkinshaw Selwyn 12:07
Men's Single Mcleod ARBC 12:12
Women's Single Dix Perse 12:33 (NC)
Women's Double Simic Hornik Murray Edwards 12:41
Women's Single Smith 1st & 3rd 17:20

2008 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Double Tom Coker Richard Fletcher 1st & 3rd 11:08
Men's Double Chris Morris Alexis Tran-Viet Jesus 11:39
Men's Single Chris Morris Jesus 11:44
Men's Single Alistair Chappelle Pembroke 11:55
Men's Single M Schramm Fitzwilliam 11:59
Men's Single Tom Coker 1st & 3rd 12:03
Men's Single Peter Ford 1st & 3rd 12:07
Men's Double A Marron M Lawes Fitzwilliam 12:33
Men's Single Andrew Cusdin Pembroke 13:03
Men's Single Matthew O'Connor LMBC 13:07
Women's Single Aline Howarth Jesus 15:15
Women's Single Lindsay Hamilton Pembroke 18:05

2007 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Double A. Pascovitch N. Woods Jesus Downing 09.41
Men's Double C. Leonard S. Benjamin Rob Roy Jesus 09.49
Men's Double J. Metcalfe D. Locke St. Catherine's/Trinity Hall 09.56
Men's Double B. Thomas B. Sardar Emmanuel 09.58
Men's Single D. Hollinshead Jesus 10.09
Men's Single C. Leonard Rob Roy 10.24
Men's Single B. Thomas Emmanuel 10.33
Men's Single T. Coker 1st & 3rd 10.46
Men's Single C. Morris Jesus 10.57
Men's Single A. Pascovitch Jesus 10.57
Men's Single S. Benjamin Jesus 11.06
Men's Single A. Chappelle Pembroke 11.07
Men's Single S. Pancratz 1st & 3rd 11.16
Women's Double K. Marshall L. Hopper Jesus 11.17
Men's Single T. Most Jesus 11.20
Men's Single R. Moore Queens' 11.22
Men's Single P. Rowe Downing 11.22
Men's Single J. Jennings Clare 11.28
Men's Double J. Bishop M. Ley-Pineda Queens' 11.32
Men's Single G. Sills 1st & 3rd 11.37
Women's Single C. Richer Jesus 11.37
Women's Single I. Borchers Clare Hall 11.40
Men's Single A. Dyson Queens' 11.53
Women's Single L. Couch Jesus 11.56
Women's Double L. Couch C. Richer Jesus 11:02
Men's Single L. Coiffait Magdalene 12.01
Women's Single K. Marshall Jesus 12.08
Women's Single J. Summers 1st & 3rd 12.14
Men's Single N. Luckhurst St. Catherine's 12.17
Men's Single T. Constantine-Cort Jesus 12.18
Women's Single L. Hopper Jesus 12.21
Men's Single M. Broache Emmanuel 12.39
Men's Single J. Rutterford Emmanuel 12.52
Men's Single G. Rao Queens' 15.27

2006 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Double Aaron Pascovitch Nick Woods Jesus Downing 09:48
Men's Double Colin Leonard David Hopper Pembroke Peterhouse 10:03
Men's Single Ed Richardson Downing 10:13
Men's Single Colin Leonard Pembroke 10:19
Men's Single David Hopper Peterhouse 10:35
Men's Single Chris Morris Jesus 10:53
Men's Single Aaron Pascovitch Jesus 10:56
Women's Double Sarah Rose Anna Simpson Lucy Cavendish Corpus 11:01
Women's Double Louse Couch Charlotte Richer Jesus 11:02
Men's Single Tom Verrill Jesus 11:04
Men's Double Nick Bardsley Jon Finch Queens' 11:16
Men's Single James Fulcher Clare 11:24
Men's Single Chris Torrington Jesus 11:34
Men's Single Adam Dyer Christ's 11:36
Men's Single Arthur Darby Christ's 11:40
Men's Single Jim Houghton Jesus 11:42
Men's Double Richard Moore Andrew Dyson Queens' 11:44
Men's Single Christian Scheppach Fitzwilliam 11:54
Men's Single Alex Groot LMBC 11:56
Men's Single Tom Andrews 1st & 3rd 12:03
Men's Single Albert Cheung 1st & 3rd 12:04
Men's Single Matt O'Conner LMBC 12:05
Women's Double Amelia Russell Catherine Aiken 1st & 3rd 12:12
Men's Single Richard Hunsley Pembroke 12:15
Men's Single Ed Lewis Wolfson 12:18
Women's Single Anna Simpson Corpus 12:23
Men's Single Phil Horler 1st & 3rd 12:40
Women's Single Katie Cranleigh-Swash Queens' 12:40
Women's Single Chloe Squires Newnham 12:44
Men's Single Vincent Clay Churchill 12:46
Men's Single Nat Luckhurst St. Catherine's 12:55
Women's Single Liz Tunnicliffe Churchill 13:20
Men's Single Matt Bunning Jesus 16:11

2005 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Single Charlie Palmer Hughes Hall 11:24
Men's Single Jack Lawlor-Anderson City of Cambridge 11:52
Men's Single Callum Stewart Churchill 11:55
Men's Single Graham Sills 1st & 3rd 12:11
Women's Double Charlotte Richer Kristina Marshall Jesus 12:12
Men's Single Paul Wilkins Pembroke 12:14
Men's Single Rodrick Griffiths Jesus 12:28
Men's Single Rurik Jutting Peterhouse 12:31
Men's Single Stephen Benjamin Jesus 12:33
Men's Single Colin Leonard Pembroke 12:36
Men's Single Dan Eves Christ's 12:51
Men's Single Aaron Pascovitch Jesus 12:53
Women's Double Claudia Kunze Vanessa Mitchell Churchill 12:55
Men's Single James Marson Jesus 13:12
Women's Single Katja Lange Pembroke 13:12
Women's Single Claudia Kunze Churchill 13:17
Men's Single David Broady Jesus 13:18
Women's Single Hannah Peel Magdelene 13:20
Men's Single Mike Dolman Jesus 13:24
Women's Single Charlotte Richer Jesus 13:25
Men's Single Ed Rayne Sidney Sussex 13:26
Men's Clinker Chris Braithwaite King's 13:30
Women's Single Rebecca Haw Christ's 13:40
Men's Single Ben Langford Jesus 13:42
Men's Single Ben Hardy Trinity Hall 13:58
Men's Clinker Graham Sills 1st & 3rd 14:09
Women's Double Jenny Lee Erica Thompson 1st & 3rd 14:10
Women's Single Kristina Marshall Jesus 14:16
Men's Single Mark Salji Pembroke 14:27
Men's Clinker Mark Sankey 1st & 3rd 15:28
Women's Single Jenny Lee 1st & 3rd 15:29
Men's Single Johnny Tang Trinity Hall 16:15
Men's Single Sebastian Pancratz 1st & 3rd 18:02

2004 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Single Edward Richardson Downing 10:04
Men's Single Tom Radcliffe Downing 10:46
Men's Single Aiden Roberson Pembroke 10:55
Men's Single Stephen Benjamin Jesus 11:09
Women's Single Mathilde Pauls St. Catharine's 11:09
Men's Single Dmitri Petrov Peterhouse 11:10
Men's Single Jack Lawlor-Anderson Trinity Hall 11:17
Men's Single Dan Eves Christ's 11:23
Men's Single Alistair Moss Christ's 11:24
Men's Single Arthur Darby Christ's 11:30
Men's Single Paul Wilkins Pembroke 11:34
Men's Single Andrew Lea-Cox 1st & 3rd 11:38
Men's Single Stephen Hall Christ's 11:41
Men's Single Mark Hancock King's 11:53
Women's Single Katya Lange Pembroke 12:04
Men's Single Emmanuel Moll Peterhouse 12:17
Women's Single Katie Davidson Caius 12:18
Men's Single Richard Ridgway Christ's 12:22
Men's Clinker Chris Braithwaite King's 12:23
Women's Single Susie Herbert Downing 12:24
Women's Single Bridget Senior Clare 12:26
Men's Clinker Andy Rankin Emmanuel 12:30
Men's Single Khartik Tadinada Christ's 12:32
Women's Single Emma Mitchell St. Catharine's 12:34
Men's Single Alex Rossdeutch Christ's 12:58
Men's Single David Askew Peterhouse 13:00
Men's Single Mathew Peet Wolfson 13:03
Women's Single Jen Wainer Downing 13:18
Men's Clinker Peter Davidson Christ's 13:30
Men's Single Tom Sutherland Fitzwilliam 13:45
Men's Single Mark Salji Pembroke 14:31

2003 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Single Ed Richardson Downing 11:42
Men's Single Ashley Edwards CCAT 12:11
Men's Single Paul Brady St. Catharine's 12:20
Men's Single Campbell Myers Caius 12:38
Men's Single Jon Davies 1st & 3rd 12:39
Men's Single Luke Busbridge Jesus 12:41
Men's Single Nicholas Thornton Girton 12:48
Men's Single Dan Haworth Emmanuel 12:54
Men's Single Mark Corbett Downing 13:01
Men's Single John Earl 1st & 3rd 13:09
Men's Single Giles Hitchcock Jesus 13:27
Men's Clinker Dan Haworth Emmanuel 13:28
Men's Single Tom Robins Trinity Hall 13:36
Men's Single Dmitri Petrov Peterhouse 13:38
Women's Single Melissa Barrett Jesus 13:44
Women's Single Angela Laycock Emmanuel 13:47
Men's Single Aidan Roberson Pembroke 13:51
Men's Single Andrew Lea-Cox 1st & 3rd 14:10
Men's Single Matt Jones Jesus 14:16
Men's Single Pete Allen Jesus 14:20
Men's Single Ben Whitehead Downing 14:20
Women's Single Rachel Robinson Jesus 14:26
Men's Single David Sawtell Peterhouse 14:29
Men's Single David Ranc Trinity Hall 15:18
Men's Single Graham Sills 1st & 3rd 16:02
Men's Single Fraser Norton Jesus 16:20
Men's Clinker Ed Breffit Pembroke 16:35
Men's Clinker Neil Talbott 1st & 3rd 16:40
Women's Single Rebecca Palmer 1st & 3rd 18:05
Women's Single Katie Russell Pembroke 21:15

1999 Results

Class Name Club Time
Men's Single Hopkirk Emmanuel 11:50
Men's Single Court St. Catherine's 12:05
Men's Single Granger King's 13:30
Men's Single Laurent St. Catherine's 13:42
Men's Single Wallwork Caius 13:44
Men's Single Moore Corpus 14:3
Ladies Shell Downing 1st & 3rd 15:04
Men's Clinker Goodson 1st & 3rd 15:49

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