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Second Trinity Challenge Sculls

Summary Information 2024

The Second Trinity Challenge Sculls is timed and rowed as a Head of the River Race, running from the Little Bridge to Peter's Posts. We welcome entries from all rowers and scullers eligible for CUCBC events, and will consider time-only entries from others.


The allowed boat classes are:

Restricted class singles are the wider, more stable sort of boats one would expect to see novices and beginner scullers using. If you are in any doubt, please do get in touch and we can clarify for you. Tankards will be presented to the winners of events with 3+ entries. Entry is £10 per seat.

Date & Time

The event will take place on Tuesday 12 March 2024, 1.45pm at Baits Bite for a 2pm race.


The course is 2600m, from the Little Bridge to Peter's Post (upstream).

Safety Notes

All boats are required to have well-attached bowballs and sufficiently short heel restraints (excepting boats fitted with clogs). Spot checks will be carried out at marshalling points and boats not able to be made safe will not be allowed to race. Also, all competitors should be prepared to deal with adverse weather conditions and/or unforeseen delays due to barges etc. In general, all boats must satisfy all relevant CUCBC and BR safety regulations.


Boats will make a rolling start from a point just below the bridge on the order from the start marshal. Timing will start as the bow passes through Little Bridge and the timer will indicate this by the sounding of a whistle.


Timing will cease when the bow passes through Peter's Posts and will be indicated by the sounding of a whistle. Competitors will be asked to then continue rowing back to their boathouses after finishing.


During the race overtaking competitors have priority and take the inside of the bends. Competitors who are being overtaken must move to the outside of the bends to leave room for the overtaking competitor. There is to be no overtaking in the gut.


There will be two Chief Umpires present at all times, one at the start and another at the finish, who will be ultimately responsible. Additional Static Umpires will be positioned on the bends (to ensure overtaking rules are adhered to). Umpires will be wearing fluorescent bibs. Your co-operation with the umpires would be appreciated. The Senior Umpire will have final responsibility for all decisions on the race.

Bank Parties

Competitors may be coached and steered up to and during the races.
Bank parties should be limited to a maximum of 4 cyclists. The use of loudhailers will be permitted, but not near the start or finish. The use of whistles is not permitted. Umpires will be instructed to stop over-large bank parties.


If the race needs to be stopped for any reason, this will be indicated by continuous blast of a whistle by an umpire should they feel that competitor safety has been, or is likely to be, compromised. Competitors will be informed that this is the emergency stop signal by the Start Umpire, and should take appropriate action should they hear this signal whilst on the course. First aid provision will be at the finish if required.


Results will be emailed out the evening after racing, and shall also be listed on this site as soon as possible after the race.

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