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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2023

2nd men's VIII (Student Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Naman Bhardwaj

6th M2, beat several M1s
Time: 9:40
This was the first time we had rowed as a crew and also the first time any of us had been in a senior VIII in nearly a fortnight so we were setup for a good race.

We arrived (roughly) on time but were informed by a marshell everything was running 2omins late. We pushed off and had a good row up to the start. The first burst we did was awful (I was rushy) but by the third we had found our rhythm.

We did our rolling start as expected and built to a sustainable rate 32 which we held for the entire race. We rowed technically and together and every stroke we took length off Sidney M1 who were directly ahead of us. As we came under the railway bridge we managed to overtake them entirely. Given the massive head start they had Luke worked out we had taken 9 lengths off them over the course.

We paddled home in sixes with our heads held high after what we all deemed a successful race. We then realised we were only on average 20 seconds slower than M1 which has made us very hopeful for our Fairbairns race.
(Andrew Farquharson)

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