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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2023

1st men's VIII (BR S2)

Coxed by: Isabella Fiske Harrison

Time: 9:18
The second race of the day, and after the shenanigans with Worcester earlier in the day we were moved off head of div by request of some other crews. Yet again, we had a crew in front (though this time they did concede some sort of racing line, admittedly). 

We changed the gearing, with the aim to rate high and test how it feels. We still died at the white house, when the overtake properly began. 8 lengths down by Ditton corner, and the remaining two lengths take us until just over the line.

Grr. At least I only started tensing my arm after the White House this race, and so avoided cramps this time. Better?

 A very frustrating day for M1, that we don't feel accurately represents the strength of this crew. Coming second just reflects how less-entered the BR category is, though I suppose top 50% is still a feat. Time to eat a few sad bananas in the shower, ready to come back both hungrier and less hungry on Monday.
(Thomas Frith)

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