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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2023

1st men's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Kian Moshiri

1st round
Lost to Trinity Hall M1
Once again, I find myself writing a report long after the action is over, and this was a race with a slow start where we never really recovered. Marshalling was rather long, and we maintain that the starting umpire spoke way too quickly, but that’s how regattas go. (Thomas Frith)
Plate semi finals
Beat Hughes Hall M1
A strong start, and a cruise to victory. We didn’t win by as much as we possibly could have, letting off the pressure a bit, but it was pleasant. 

The race was about an hour behind schedule at this point, and the sun was rather warm.
(Thomas Frith)
Plate final
Beat Robinson M1
We really needed a wee. After the previous race, some of us had a quick run out along Stourbridge Common until we were far enough from the path that it seemed reasonable. Some nuts (from the wonderful Jonny Lee) and some water later, and we were all good. Apart from Iwo, who was somehow cold despite the boiling sun (being in bow, and therefore in the shade may have had something to do with this). We once more paddle down to First Post Reach and spin there, before coming back up to race. A banging start leads to a victory by a length, though we gained that off the start really, and didn’t really gain distance over the course.

Afterwards, Oli and George get some horrifying sunburn - horrifying enough that it goes on Oli’s Tinder profile, and George seems proud(?). I managed to sunburn the back of one of my fingers, which should indicate how sunny it was.

A good day, with some happiness by the end, and it bodes well for bumps - with the only crew that we lost to being too far down the chart to worry about.
(Thomas Frith)

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