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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2023

1st men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Kian Moshiri

6th in Category; 10th overall
Time: 13:47.9
For the rowers, this is a classically gruelling double race. 
For our coxes, this was worse. This was raced as a seat-race between Connor and Kian, with them swapping between M1 and M2 in-between each leg.

We start with Kian, and we have a fairly pleasant race down, with a nice attempt at building into the finish. Some interesting pre-race lines are mitigated by much more classical lines during the race.

In the break, Xander and I both explore possibilities of copying Trinity Hall W1 (those of the legendary 4x public urination fine in one day).

Connor arrives, and we're ready to go again, but it's clear that we're a little exhausted. Connor is uncharacteristically quiet during the race (still more than adequately loud, but no legendary calls a la Winter Head race 2). Our splits are slow, and there's a distinct lack of response to calls for more.

We didn't go as much slower on the way back as we had thought, but definitely much slower than we'd have preferred.

Onto Bedford. (Thomas Frith)

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