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Head of the Cam, May Term 2023

1st women's IV (Club A IVs)

Coxed by: Madeleine Carruthers

2nd in Category; 27th Overall
Time: 12:41
Despite being vehemently against entering this race only three days before hand, once training in this IV (or permutations thereof) a couple of times I was excited to row this race. I am very glad we did as I think all four of us have made an incredible amount of technical changes to our rowing in the last week and it was a great opportunity to challenge ourselves to race it in quite windy conditions. It was also really encouraging to see how much Maddie's coxing had improved since Mich now she has returned to FaT. 

The race itself was quite long, owning in part to the actual race length but also to the heavy head wind on the reach which was unexpected (especially given two of us had raced in w2 this morning and had assured the rest of the crew it wasn't too windy). We are also glad that Maddie has such high expectations of us however we are yet to meet her expectations of completing the railway bridge to top finish in one minute. 
Overall great race, really proud of everyone and excited for this term (the rowing not the exams). 

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