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May Bumps 2022

3rd men's VIII

Coxed by: Luke Barratt
Coached by: Samuel Gerrard

Overbumped Wolfson II A thriller - it'll knock your socks off...

Going in, we were not a particularly fancied crew, with the eventual overall Men's Bumpit winner kindly predicting spoons for us. We believed we were faster than Corpus M2 but weren't confident we could bump them before they would bump Clare M3. Kings M2 were likely to pose a serious threat as they had inherited a couple of M1 rowers displaced by blues. Of course Bomber told us to ignore all of this and simply row fast, as he always does.

The race was fairly routine until the exit of First Post Corner - we had moved to around 1 length from Corpus with Kings about 3/4 of a length behind us but rating significantly higher. However Corpus bumped Clare and cleared poorly which forced us into the trees in the Gut, caused several overhead crabs and knocking me out of my shoes and nearly out of the boat entirely. Bomber was on the verge of calling for us to stop and claim a likely technical rowover, but upon seeing Wolfson M2 who were described as something I can't repeat here, he decided the overbump was worth it. I fastened my shoes between strokes and made light work of Wolfson, gaining a length every 15 strokes and getting them on the Ditton entry. Not the way I expected to get my first bump but glad to have gotten it!
(Patrick Winter)
In summary, Patrick wanted to show Luke his socks, and decided to do this mid-race. Then we decided to go for an overbump, and did this as well....
(Jonathan Edwards)
Rowed over
We knew we were faster than Caius M3 and got to within around 3/4 of a length by Grassy but all this achieved was pushing them into Pembroke M3 leaving us nothing ahead at all. Corpus behind us had a fast start but died enough of a death to allow us to wind it down with a minute to go. FaT M3 have arrived, they're fast and this term they can actually survive the whole course.
(Patrick Winter)
After yesterday's overbump, we now started third in our division. Although that had the advantage that we were no longer deafened by the cannon at the start, the disadvantage was that once the two boats ahead bumped, best we could do was to row over, and that's what we did.
(Jonathan Edwards)
Bumped Pembroke III
From previous race results we knew Pembroke would be around 40 seconds slower than us over the full Bumps course so barring disaster we would have them. Luke decided to inject some excitement into the race by taking Grassy just a little too tight, but we recovered well, avoided getting bumped by Corpus and took Pembroke on Ditton.
(Patrick Winter)
Luke remembered that brushing the bank on day 1 had resulted in an overbump, so after rowing over yesterday, he decided to go for the same strategy. It worked - after touching Grassy, we quickly caught up with Pembroke and bumped on Ditton.
(Jonathan Edwards)
Rowed over
We moved to around a length on Caius but they seemed to be made of totally different stuff from earlier in the week and built a 2.5 length gap by the Railings. We managed to close a little but not enough, and the sight of our W2 cheering us on was clearly too much for some of us as "Yeah FaT" was promptly followed by "EYES IN THE BOAT THOMAS!". Luke called for a lift but after one stroke I realised nobody else was going with me and we soon wound it down. Not a perfect race from us but we don't think we'd have caught them even with our best rowing.

Slightly annoying to miss out on (technical) blades but up 4 is exactly 8 positions better than we thought we were going to get 2 weeks ago after a series of incredibly cursed IV outings, and the strongest performance from a FaT crew since 2017. Huge credit to Sam, Luke and Bomber for whipping us into shape and producing probably the most technical M3 on the river. The Strava data doesn't lie: today we were only a few seconds slower than M2 over the bulk of the course, and rather embarrassingly this is now the fastest boat I've been in, beating the segment times of Michaelmas M1. It's been great rowing with the crew and I hope to see many of them contesting M1 and M2 seats next term!
(Patrick Winter)
Like Thursday, we were chasing Caius III, but sadly, today they rowed the perfect race, and today was another rowover for us. We closed to around a length, but never got any closer than that. (Jonathan Edwards)

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