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Fairbairn Cup 2021

3rd men's VIII, ad interim M3 (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Kerem Ergene

Time: 17:15.4
A much-belated report, the only purpose of which is a) to emphasise the painful loss of Alex and Csongor to M2 as felt by our crew, replacing them merely with Callum (who noviced in a previous year, and hadn’t rowed since) and Sam (well, he’s actually quite good) and b) to emphasise that we beat M2. Having Kerem coxing over Sharky (no disrespect intended here) also felt pleasant, with some disgustingly tight lines (Kerem would later disavow any intent of taking them quite so tightly). 

This was my second time at 7, with my first being on the way back after Novice Fairbairns the day prior. The race itself was really good fun, possibly boosted from yesterday with the happy change of Arnaldo starting sleep before 7am.

Results-wise, beating M2 provided for some excellent banter, especially as it was by ‘such a large margin’. The influence of Sam in this cannot be overstated, as both through coaching and setting the rate at 29 he’s driven us to improve massively, and next term will hopefully show the results of this.

Afterwards, I couldn’t get up all the stairs to my room in one go, and had to sit down. It was fun.
(Thomas Frith)

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