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Lent Bumps 2020

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: Maelle-Marie Troadec

Bumped Jesus
Bumped Jesus just before the plough to take me to my joint highest position on the river ever (so far)

The perfect day to start off with, a relatively routine bump in 3ish minutes. Whistles steadily came to us before all of a sudden we were holding it up and pulling in by the houseboats. A good one to settle the nerves - bring on Robinson tomorrow. 
(H.J. Hampson)
Good start to the week to settle the nerves. Not our quickest but enough to get a fairly quick bump, keeping us fresh for a bigger challenge tomorrow (P. Robinson)
The start cannon really threw me off despite having heard both the 4 and the 1 minute cannon before, so our start wasn't quite as together as it could have been, but we still hit a pretty solid rhythm thereafter and hit Jesus fairly early. Jesus must have been sprinting flat out as we only got our first whistle going into the first post corner, but they rapidly came back to us and we bumped them shortly after Grassy, after having held prolonged overlap. 

Looking forward to marshalling on the other side of the PE for the first time tomorrow, and chasing Robinson who broke our blades on the last day of Lents last year.

P.S Big thank you to M2 who came all the way to Grassy to support us today - friendly cheers from the bank are always appreciated!
(D. Lee)
It is clear that Jesus had been reading their children's books. 

They huffed and they puffed until we came along and blew their house down just before the plough. 

A bump is a bump. 

We go again tomorrow.
(Harry Whelan)
Bumped Robinson
They knew we would come
And we did
Lots more speed to come- will be shouting more at the crew tomorrow 
(R.A.P. Mitchell)
A controlled row, we calmly waited for Robinson to "pop" before putting them out of their misery...

More fireworks are needed if we are to pull off a good result tomorrow.
(W.J. Hardy)
Following some drama on the row up between Pembroke and Downing, a technical bump was awarded so we knew Robinson had to row the course to escape. This probably didn't help our urgency, and we found a good, if a little too sustainable rhythm to hold them at just over a length until midway along the reach. On hearing a whilstle or two we started to close in, and managed to get the bump just before bottom finish. All to play for tomorrow but we still need to find the speed we are capable of. (P. Robinson)
Rowed over
Not fast enough - Downing succumbed to Pembroke just past Grassy, we finished inside 2. 5 lengths of Caius.
Await rage tomorrow. 
(D. Lee)
Bumped Downing
Got ‘em before the Plough. 

We really didn’t want to row on the reach today. 
(H.J. Hampson)
As promised.

After first bumping Downing coming into Grassy, we decided to channel our rage further by letting them go then promptly bumping them again 20 strokes later.
(D. Lee)
I do like bumping into Downing's property.

(W.J. Hardy)
Since it'll be a while before we get the chance in Mays itself, it was nice to serve Downing justice for both Mays 2015 and 2017 by bumping Downing twice in the same race today. 

Great row, clinical, and despite the intrusion of 2015-esque calls (emanating suspiciously from the direction of the Downing bank party) to "hold it up", the boys nailed them incontrovertibly coming out of Grassy. Memorable job, well earned, and capped off by Jon Glass dismounting his bike with such panache and power that it almost deforested the bank - just in time to serve the boys some much needed greenery. 

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