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Champion of the Thames Eights Head, May Term 2019

2nd women's VIII, W woo (Women's 2nd Div. Mays)

Coxed by: Alan Sun

7th in category
Time: 6:08
After a chunky paddle down to marshalling featuring a surprisingly powerful practice start, we were parked for what felt like an eternity. The crew proceeded to engage in their favourite group activity of "Birdwatching" to pass the time, before they had to get their eyes back in the boat to row to the start line. The start was again quite well executed, and the early part of the race felt reasonably powerful for a crew that hadn't rowed together in a while. It took a few attempts to settle into a sustainable rhythm, which we eventually hit on the reach. Despite numerous technical resets, the crew's technique inevitably started deteriorating in the second half of the race. However, the crew really committed to the push from the Railway Bridge to finished strongly. Overall this was a solid effort from the girls, and they should feel good going into Bumps if they carry on training well. (A.M.L. Sun)

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