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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2019

4th men's VIII (College lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Barbara Herdy

1st round
Won Easily
Our first race of the day was against Emma M4. We pulled away from them off the start, and cruised to an easy victory. Our main problem was trying to control the slightly panicked rate, a problem that would come back to bite us! (Rosie)
2nd round
Lost, 2 lengths
Our second race was to Maggie M3. We knew this was going to be a difficult race, given that they'd been almost 40 seconds quicker than us a fortnight before at Newnham. We held them level from the start, and were neck and neck up to the railings. Unfortunately, in our exuberance the rate was creeping higher and higher, the slide was rushing, and the sit was going from bad to worse. The result was inevitable. I (at stroke) tried to tap down, only to discover that even when feathered my blade was still submerged. Despite my best efforts I couldn't get it free, and missed a couple of strokes sorting it out. This slowed our boat speed and ruined what rhythm we had left. They promptly pulled out 2 lengths, and we held them at that distance for the remainder of the race. We made a spirited push under the railway bridge, but we were having rate/ratio problems again so they were able to hold us off. Maggie M3 went on to come runners up in the division, so this was still a decent result for us. Overall, we were happy with the day's events, having proved that we had some serious speed when we needed it. (Rosie)

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