The Club's Results

Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2018

1st men's novice VIII (NM1 Division)

Coxed by: Ellie Atkinson
Coached by: Josh Hampson

1st round
Lost to Clare NM1 by 2 lengths
NM1 had a slow start, taking Josh's advice of keeping calm a bit too seriously perhaps. However, they settled into a nice (albeit perhaps slightly too relaxed) rhythm and were taking distance from Clare every stroke when some crustaceans brought a halt to their come back, and unfortunately the 500m Emma Sprints course was short enough for Clare to hold them off.  (D. Lee)
Quarter finals
Beat Wolfson NM1 by 5 lengths
A better start, NM1 was already up on Wolfson when Wolfson decided to catch a boat-stopping crab - I am not sure if they ever recovered.  (D. Lee)

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