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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2018

3rd men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Jade Lam
Coached by: Forbes Anderson

1st round
Beat Christ's M3 (Easily)
Last week, we received some feedback from our subs that our start was 'lacking aggression' and 'weak' (thanks, Chris). It seems the collective subconscious of the boat really took this to heart, because despite having little starts practice since then, our start here was anything but. Moving to a comfortable number of lengths fairly early, we then failed to settle into a comfortable rhythm, leaving us with a slightly scrappy but 'easy' victory. (R.J.T. McLaurin)
The morning was quite a misty one earlier which made it quite difficult to see the other boats while marshalling.

For the race we gained significant distance between the two boats off the start then only ever proceeded to widen the gap. We did manage to stray into the middle of the river which got us a warning from the umpire, but we were so far ahead at that point I don't see why it should have warranted one. Our third best performance of the day. (T.G.S. Pink)
Quarter finals
Beat LMBC M4 (2 1/2 Lengths)
Logically, given that we've thrashed Maggie M3 at every head race this term, this should have been an easy race. Unfortunately, this time, our collective instinct decided to generate impressive quantities of splash rather than a healthy lead, so we had a rough and scrappy first 800m. One positive is the discovery that, powered by sufficient fear, the crew can hit and hold a very painful rate 40 for about 500m. By the bridge we had burnt out enough to row properly and walked away down the home straight. (R.J.T. McLaurin)
The start was good. Then the boat refused to settle for what seemed like ages. When it did we moved off quite well and gained some distance between us. This did not last however, perhaps due to tiredness or some other factor but the boat began to lose its grace once more, but we managed to keep the distance between the boats at a comfortable level. (T.G.S. Pink)
Semi finals
Beat St Cats M3 (1 Length)
An excellent row from both crews and certainly our second finest rowing of the day (the first was 1 really good pause at arms away). Catz were a bit bigger than our previous opponents and incredibly tenacious, but we held a decent rhythm and kept them away fairly consistently for the whole course. (R.J.T. McLaurin)
The arms away mentioned above was to rowing what the hands of Michelangelo are to the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. 

The race itself was quite tiring to be honest. We got ahead of them by half a length or so off the start and then they just seemed to stay there. Had I peeked over to see them, (which of course I didn't being a responsible rower), I would have seen what appeared to be a boat gaining on us almost all the time. In reality though with some power 10s and a will to skip the first half of my lectures we managed to beat them with a margin that was much more comfortable than it felt.
(T.G.S. Pink)
Lost to Pembroke M3 (Easily)
Sometimes, powering your boat with fear (and tea from a great bank party) rather than ergs stops working, and this was one of those times. A very messy start saw the complete collapse of my core and my (limited) memory of the rest of the race is filled with splash and pain. Despite some great commitment from the crew we struggled to gain much. A well deserved win from a very fit Pembroke crew.  (R.J.T. McLaurin)
A poor start upset the boat (though I spoke to Pembroke's 3 after my lecture and he thought it was good) and we didn't really settle at any point after that. We held them pretty close to about the railway bridge but a few awkward slams down to strokeside meant that soon after I could no longer hear their cox. Everyone continued to push, but not to the same degree as before and there was no dramatic improvement in technique.  (T.G.S. Pink)

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