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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2017

A 2700m timed head race on the Cam for Cambridge College novice VIIIs
Thu 30th November

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1st men's novice VIII, 1st division

Time: 10:17.2
Really solid effort from this crew. Strong rhythm through the middle and a rapid start, It was clear that everyone was exhausted coming through the railway bridge, but they tanked it to the end - and well past it thanks to Jesus' silent marshals.

Absolutely no doubt that 100% was put in by everyone. Hope to see as many of these guys as possible on Training Camp, and rowing with the Senior Squad next term.
Alas, no Kuda this year. Great result nonetheless, very well done! (Neil T)
A great start to the race, followed by a good rhythm call meant the crew quickly settled onto a strong rate 32. Pushes through every corner meant the boat continued to keep speed down the course, and all the crew did very well to hold onto their rhythm and length through the race. A final step up in the rate from the railway bridge helped give a little extra finish speed, and all the crew gave everything they could as the boat approached the line. A final time of 10:17 meant 2nd overall!

A fantastic race from the whole crew, and a performance they can really build off for next term.
(P. Robinson)
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2nd men's novice VIII, 1st division

12th, 2nd NM2
Time: 11:04.3
Nm2 got off to a good start, and remained strong throughout. They moved nicely together and managed to maintain the same commitment all through the race. I found myself having to speed up to keep in time with their pushes along the reach! All in all, a great race and fingers crossed their time reflects this! (S.L.C. Maclean)
Three of the crews ahead were racing for 'time only' so this crew's actual position amongst college novice VIIIs is 9th, maintaining our recent tradition of two boats on the top ten - well done boys! (Neil T)
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1st women's novice VIII, 1st division

Time: 11:45.4
Race reports are not optional!!

Ecstatic of Cumbria
(Neil T)
'Twas the day of Fairbairn's,
When at the start line
A FaT crew was sitting
And biding their time.

They waited and waited
For the marshal to say:
"Row on First and Third",
And they went on their way.

Quick they built pressure,
Their technique sans flaws,
And push after push
They made without pause.

In spite of crosswinds,
No o'erheads were caught
As they pushed for that vict'ry
That so long had been sought.

And then, on The Reach,
From cox came a cry:
"Let's do this for Marcus;
We win or we die."

Their lift was immense,
Some say the boat flew,
Which pushed them e'er closer
To Jesus first crew.

As they crossed the finish,
The cox looked around
But St Catharine's crew:
Nowhere to be found.

Yet the danger was Maggie,
Their antagonist and foe:
From previous races,
They knew they could row.

FaT parked up their boat,
Stepped out on dry land,
The air thick with tension
That no one could stand.

"That rowing was fast,"
Coach, Marcus, stated.
"But now we must wait."
And with that, they waited.

They rowed back to the House,
Where results were confirmed:
FaT crowned triumphant,
And that they had earned.

The cox was thrown in.
Hypothermia? Maybe:
Even hours later
He's still slightly shaky.

But the girls did FaT proud:
Not once did they dither!
They're truly the fastest
Of crews on the river.
(K. Ergene)
What an incredible row. After a solid first half, NW1 put their hands deep into the fire and took a push after push starting from the P&E. The girls responded brilliantly to all of Kerems calls, but especially in the final push they took 200m from the finish - the lift in boat speed was thrilling to watch from the bank. The sheer determination across all of their faces as they crossed the finish line (and collapsed) is not a sight that I will forget any time soon. 

NW1 was plagued by Lady Margaret all term, losing to them in both Emmas Sprints and Clare Novices, but stepped it up with unmatched resolve when it really mattered, coming first by a ridiculous margin of 15 seconds. Congratulations girls - youve done yourselves (and the club) extremely proud. 
(D. Lee)
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3rd men's novice VIII, 1st division

Time: 13:23.8
Terrible availabilities, 3 days of consecutive yellow flags, and the 2-boat rule imposed on the river by CUCBC meant that this was the first time this crew had rowed together since Emma's Sprints. The start reflected this, with two of the members catching overhead crabs right before the post, but the rowing improved throughout the race. I was left at the finish thinking that one more outing before the race would have changed the result significantly. 

Rather disappointing result, coming 4th out of 8 NM3s and 51st overall, but the result does not fairly reflect the standards of the rowers in this boat. I wish them good luck for the rest of their rowing careers. 
(D. Lee)
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2nd women's novice VIII, 1st division

18th, 2nd NW2
Time: 13:25.4
This is a really great result - amongst women's 2nd VIIIs, only our 2003 crew can better it (second 2nd VIII, 15th overall) and three members of that crew went on to win university medals! Congratulations on a fantastic term's rowing. (Neil T)
A fantastic term ended with a fantastic race. The rate was never below 27 and climbed up to 30 at the finish. Pressure steering at corners were really smooth and effective. The timing was great and everyone still kept their technique even after 2k, which was amazing. Minor crabs were recovered before I could say anything. There has been incredible progress from Emma Sprint. Well done everyone!
Thank you Charlene for the racing strategy <3 (R. Qiao)
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3rd women's novice VIII, 1st division

37th, 2nd NW3
Time: 14:32.6
Although "Murray Edwards III" were ahead of us, Murray Edwards I were not so in fact this crew was the fastest 3rd VIII, beating Newnham III by six seconds. This is our best NW3 performance on record (and only 2003 comes close) - many congratulations! (Neil T)
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