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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2017

2nd women's novice VIII (Plate)

Coxed by: Mabel Qiao
Coached by: Franziska Kahr, Alan Sun,

Quarter finals
Beat LMBC NW3 umpires decision
A big shout out to Neil Talbott for reattaching a seat and fixing the LMBC boat to ensure that the race could go ahead. With crews locked together, LMBC's failure to keep to their side of the river meant a quick restart. At their second infringement however, they were promptly disqualified by the marshals as FaT managed to keep their cool during the blade clashes. We were allowed to simulate the rest of the race, and safe in the knowledge that they had the win in the bag, the girls were able to relax a lot more and easily pulled away from LMBC. (A.M.L. Sun)
Semi finals
Beat FaT NW3 easily
After the initial excitement of a FaT/FaT semi-final, both crews settled down for the start of the race. However, the marshals at the start line struggled to differentiate between the two crews, so we were sat there for a while. When the race did finally get started, NW2 were able to find a nice rhythm and steadily opened up a lead, which they managed to maintain despite the best efforts of NW3. (A.M.L. Sun)
Beat Pembroke NW2 by 2 length
We made a clean start, and settled onto a good rhythm. So too, however, had Pembroke, and we were neck and neck three hundred metres in. Keeping their heads in their own boat and maintaining their technique in a tight race, FaT managed to eke out a hard-earned lead. We managed to extend our advantage, and slowly but surely pulled away Pembroke. With the other crew well within our field of view as we passed under the Railway Bridge, one massive final push ensured a well-deserved victory for the girls. Well done everyone - you should be really proud of yourselves! <3 (A.M.L. Sun)

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