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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2017

A side-by-side knock out regatta for Cambridge College novice (beginner) VIIIs
Sat 25th November

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1st men's novice VIII, Cup

2nd round
Beat Corpus Christi I by 1/2 length
Strong start from FaT, about a length up at the 300m mark. Crab at the 4 seat gained them some ground. But a strong finish from FaT landed us a comfortable win. (looked like much more than half a length in the video of the race...) (B.A. Clent)
Quarter finals
Beat Wolfson I by 1 length
After the Emma Sprints disaster, with FaT NM1 losing to Wolfson NM1 by a length having been a length up originally. FaT were keen to get revenge on the water. Wolfsons scare tactics of having their whole crew shout their start sequence wasn't enough to deter FaTs stronger start. after 200m we were a length up. At the 500m mark Wolfson made a move and gained back a quarter of a length, then a crab at our 2 seat put them only half a length down. But a massive FaT push at the railway bridge left Wolfson to bite the dust as we walked away from them. FaT ended up finishing over a length ahead of the opposition with Matt Walker (7 seat) shouting "REVENGE!" as we crossed the finish line.  
(B.A. Clent)
Semi finals
Lost to St.Catherine's I by 1/2 length
A clean start with nothing in it between the two crews for the first 150m, then at the 200m mark Catz started to move a little head. One or two mini crabs and some scrappy strokes gave Catz a good lead. At the railway bridge FaT were a length down, but a big push got us back into overlap and we ended up finishing just half a length down. Really strong effort from the boys, the most tidy race of the day.   (B.A. Clent)
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1st women's novice VIII, Cup

2nd round
Beat Pembroke I easily
(From Neil Talbott) A decent start saw us move to around 1/3 length up on Pembroke off the start, at which point the Pembroke stroke caught a monster crab. We were several lengths ahead by the time they had sorted themselves out and were able to conserve energy for later rounds. (D. Lee)
A decent start saw us move to around 1/3 length up on Pembroke off the start, at which point the Pembroke stroke caught a monster crab. We were several lengths ahead by the time they had sorted themselves out and were able to conserve energy for later rounds. (Neil T)
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2nd men's novice VIII, Plate

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2nd women's novice VIII, Plate

Quarter finals
Beat LMBC NW3 umpires decision
A big shout out to Neil Talbott for reattaching a seat and fixing the LMBC boat to ensure that the race could go ahead. With crews locked together, LMBC's failure to keep to their side of the river meant a quick restart. At their second infringement however, they were promptly disqualified by the marshals as FaT managed to keep their cool during the blade clashes. We were allowed to simulate the rest of the race, and safe in the knowledge that they had the win in the bag, the girls were able to relax a lot more and easily pulled away from LMBC. (A.M.L. Sun)
Semi finals
Beat FaT NW3 easily
After the initial excitement of a FaT/FaT semi-final, both crews settled down for the start of the race. However, the marshals at the start line struggled to differentiate between the two crews, so we were sat there for a while. When the race did finally get started, NW2 were able to find a nice rhythm and steadily opened up a lead, which they managed to maintain despite the best efforts of NW3. (A.M.L. Sun)
Beat Pembroke NW2 by 2 length
We made a clean start, and settled onto a good rhythm. So too, however, had Pembroke, and we were neck and neck three hundred metres in. Keeping their heads in their own boat and maintaining their technique in a tight race, FaT managed to eke out a hard-earned lead. We managed to extend our advantage, and slowly but surely pulled away Pembroke. With the other crew well within our field of view as we passed under the Railway Bridge, one massive final push ensured a well-deserved victory for the girls. Well done everyone - you should be really proud of yourselves! <3 (A.M.L. Sun)
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3rd men's novice VIII, Plate

1st round
Lost to Christs NM2 by 1 length
The crew list for this race is horribly misleading: terrible availabilities on the day meant that 5 out of the 9 crew members were subs from NM4, who did not have a single outing the entire term. Indeed, two of the subs learnt feathering the day before, and many of them had never tried rowing all eight. 

While I was not there for the race, it is indeed miraculous that we only lost by a length to Christs NM2, who went on to take 5th place at Novice Fairbairn's. 
(D. Lee)
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3rd women's novice VIII, Plate

1st round
Beat Wolfson II by a hair's breadth
An amazing race. The girls lost half a length off the start to a bigger Wolfson II crew but settled into a rhythm and slowly moved back, taking the lead for the first time after about 90 seconds. They gradually pulled out to 1/2 length but a couple of momentary timing lapses allowed Wolfson to stay in the race. Coming into Morley's Holt both crews drifted and there was a big blade clash; having disentangled we crossed the finish line a fraction ahead, and fortunately the umpires let the result stand based on our narrow lead when the blade clash occurred. This was, I believe, the first race win for an NW3 crew since 2004 and was thoroughly deserved - well done girls! (Neil T)
Quarter finals
Beat Newnham II easily
The girls had a great start and pulled ahead of the Newnham crew who promptly crashed into the bank. At some point in the second half of the race an umpire told us to move back to the towpath side as the other crew were apparently gaining, but the girls rowed long and together to see off any challenge. (Voysey)
Semi finals
Lost to First and Third II
An incredible race against our NW2! A FaT/FaT semi final caused the marshals some difficulty when getting the crews straight for the start. They opted to call NW2 Bonnie and NW3 Clyde but that confused matters even more! We had a solid start and the crew fought valiantly but the taller NW2 pulled away steadily. However, the girls continued to drive hard the rest of the way including a fantastic push off the railway bridge to finish the race in style. (Voysey)
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