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Cambridge Regatta, Summer 2017

Buns (Senior VIIIs)

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Rachel Grewcock

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Rachel Grewcock

Time: 3:43
I had to jump over to bowside for this racing (having just done strokeside for the Cat crew) so it was a bit of a scrappy start. It was also a little painful when our coxswain, Rachel Grewcock, noted that I looked better on bowside than strokeside.

The boat sat incredibly well and we managed to let it just run when easying for several lengths. I'm hoping that saying "I wish our Bumps VIIIs can sit the boat as well as that scratch mixed VIII" is an indication of a lucky VIII which worked rather than our Bumps VIIIs.
Semi finals
Beat Caius Memories of Mateo by 3 lengths
On the way up Fordy noted that Caius looked respectable and may have been paddling in the time trial. Perhaps we were in for a surprise when the real race kicked off?
We weren't. (Robert)
Lost to Cantabs Senior Women / Men by scratching because we thought we were disqualified
Annoyingly we didn't get to race this as a start marshall made a joke about us having to go home... except without any comedic delivery... so we went home. Ah well. 
It being my fourth race of the day, and having snoozed during marshalling, I think it was a wonderful high to end on the race against Caius. (Robert)

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