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Head of the Cam, May Term 2016

1st men's VIII (1st Mays)

Coxed by: Juliet Armstrong

4th in Mays 1st
Time: 9:07

A scratch crew with three triallists back in the boat plus two entries from the Lents M2 made this an exciting, if nervous experience.

As it turned out, we could row quite well together. Tom Rose's coaching for the past couple weeks on clean extraction and powerful first half of the drive came into play well during the race, and served us a good time in the end, seeing as we slaughtered most of the other M1s on the water and the CULRC second boat. LMBC seem pretty far ahead (by 14 seconds), but we've got a term to catch them up.

Our row up was one of slight dread as we were met by a fairly furious hailstorm. Fortunately, this past, and when we wound up through the motorway bridge start we were greeted by sunshine. The boat was moving quickly and relatively smoothly through the water. Power and technique began to sag around Ditton but Juliet called for a push and we bit down. Juliet took to coxing the Empacher (her first time even touching the boat) with gusto and did a great job, and when she called for us to 'stick the knife in' as we came under the railway bridge, we rocketed through the lactate past the P&E to Top Finish where we crumpled in an exhausted heap. I know that Tom and I were well aboard the chunder train for the good part of the finale, but our retention skills were as strong as the pain coursing through our bodies.

I think it's safe to say everyone gave their all in what was a gruelling race, and the result reflects that perfectly. Being raced on the same course, Head of the Cam served as excellent bumps practice, and has set the stage for the Mays Campaign to come - we're looking good, fast, and driven. Let's go smash Bumps.


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