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May Bumps 2015

3rd men's VIII

Coxed by: C.N. Howarth

Bumped by Magdalene II
So, this term has been a difficult term for M3. I'll only write something for this day as each race was very similar- we were bumped clinically before first post each day, though there were certainly improvements in the rowing over the course of the week. The first day was full of nerves, and the crew's inexperience showed, but as the week went on the rowing became confident, strong, and we put up our best fight every day.

Having only finally gotten a full crew together 2 weeks ago it was always going to be a struggle to be competitive in bumps. In a term that started so well with half of the crew trialling and competing in seat races for the upper boats, it quickly fell apart with only a couple of 4's and 1 8 outing in the first half of term. I'd like to thank Chris Black for intervening at this point and ensuring that we got the 10 outings we needed to compete in bumps, taking on us along with the myriad of other tasks he's had this term was admirable.

A huge thank you must also go to the long list of subs that have come to help us this term- I'm afraid there have been so many that I can't remember all of them, but particular thanks must go to those we called from the boathouse with only a few minutes notice; you saved us.

A big thanks to Chris Howarth, David and Prab, who all joined the crew despite not having planned to row/cox this term- again, without you the crew couldn't have made it.

Thanks to Iain, Alex, Duncan, Will, Sean, Neil for bank partying us, and thank you to everyone else on the bank who was there to cheer us on- sorry we never made it to Grassy.

And of course, the biggest thank you of all must go to Daphne for coaching us this term. Having someone with such a wealth of knowledge of the sport was so invaluable, she took us so far in such a small number of outings, and saved our bumps campaign from being a complete disaster. She gave up so much of her time for us, and we truly appreciate her generosity.

Next year, I, along with the other MLBCs, will endeavour to bring together a crew that will restore the damage that has been done to M3's position this year. Under new management, we will reach new heights.


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