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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2015

2nd men's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Liv Godwin

Quarter finals
Beat Clare M2 by 1 length
Clare M2 were faster than I expected but we did our start, strode down to a fine 34 and moved steadily away from them. We were never in danger of losing, but we worked damn hard for the length lead we won by. They went on to win the plate. (John)
Semi finals
Lost to Wolfson M1 by 1.5 lengths
Wolfson were decent. Their start was better than ours, and our start an improvement on the first race. They took ground which we never took back, and then carried on moving away from them. They were aided by a bye in the first round, while I and others were definitely still feeling shaky, but the guys in the Wolfson boat were big enough and rowing well enough together there wasn't much we could have done. They went on to beat Maggie M2 in the final, denying me revenge for Pembroke Regatta in Lents. (John)

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