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Cambridge Head-2-Head, Lent Term 2015

2nd men's VIII (2nd Mays)

Coxed by: Liv Godwin

Time: 14:26
Despite a rushed start due to being held up on the way to marshalling, we settled into a strong rhythm quickly and held it for the duration of the first leg. An overtake of Christ's M2 brought some excitement, but we held our composure well. We took the rate up a couple of pips for the second leg, and after a rocky start it became very solid- leading to another overtake, this time of Queen's M2. After only rowing together for a couple of weeks, to be the joint fastest M2 (with Caius) is very exciting. (Ben)
The race started in the standard moderate and entertaining confusion (at least, I enjoyed myself) as we tried to overtake a selection of crews gently drifting into barges in order to find our marshalling position before waiting for a couple of innumerate others (I believe amusingly Christ's and Queens' M2s - maybe they wanted to practice getting bumped) to start their race out of order ahead of us.  

We settled onto our race pace without too much bother and to our surprise had a pleasant and predominantly balanced row through to the corners where we were pleasingly told we were gaining on the crew in front. A bit of effort, a very tight line (well done Liv!) and some shouting to Christ's later and we were past, blades overlapping but not clashing. Buoyed up by this success we rowed it nicely through the Motorway Bridge and then got tucked in and out of the boat for some light conversation and marzipan refuelling.

The way back with a marginal crew change started us rocky and I felt increasingly sorry for stroke side but by the corners we were back on the balance and felt like we were moving well. By the reach it was obvious that we were moving on Queens' and much aggressive shouting was necessary to get their cox to clear the racing line. We rowed right through them and had a decent attack at the finish line on the legs not the rate to round off a decent race.

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