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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2015


Coxed by: Catarina Tavarela-Mendes

Got on
An excellent race to watch, especially after having already had a tremendously successful term of rowing. The importance of the occasion was clear but so too was their sense of humour (no trips to admire horses this time though) although I was mildly surpirsed by the absence of the M3 mankini at marshalling.

Off the start the crew built well into a solid rhythm, with patches of very good rowing tempered by moments where adrenaline caused us to be a bit more rushed than normal. Up to about head station we made good ground up on Emma in front of us overall.Sitting up tall into the corners paid dividends as we were able to consolidate by gradually advancing, although through the straights we were held. The tanks were thoroughly emptied down the Reach and I think rows like this will hopefully bring some good days of racing come Bumps next week!
(A. Strange)

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