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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2015

2nd men's VIII (Men's 2nd)

Fastest M2, 6th Overall
Time: 7:41
What an amazing race. Felt fantastic for the duration, rating an extremely solid 33/34, connecting well at the front and applying power in uniform, we really flew down the course. Even Declan said it was "ok", a huge compliment from him.  

We were surprised to discover Neil in the gut, who had ran all the way up there and then ran all the way along the course with us- we couldn't have achieved this result without Neil, so it was great that he made it.  

Let's keep this progress up and push for the win next weekend at Pembroke (though it will be an exciting race if we come up against Maggie M2 there, as they were just +1s on us here...).
I arrived at the Motorway Bridge rather more hot and bothered than I intended, having tried to be clever on my way down to Grassy and instead getting terribly lost (I thank the GPS on my phone for not missing the race). As a corollary it meant I had a good 3 or so practice strokes before we wound it up for the race. With Rosemary in the cox's seat we wanted, if not to impress, at least not embarrass ourselves, and luckily things went well; it felt good. To our surprise, it didn't even fall apart that badly. Maybe we're finally learning how to use our legs.

Half way down the course we heard a voice which sounded very like Neil's. We knew it couldn't be, however, as he'd spent the afternoon driving to Whittlesey to fit a tow bar to his car so we could go to Peterborough the day after (hero!). Post race it turned out it was indeed Neil running along the bank in what looked like jeans and a jumper; it transpired he'd got a lift to the river on the back of Rachel's bike. It has also been reported that a substantial amount of fluid left his mouth at the P&E; another accolade?

While a margin of more than 1s would make us feel a bit more comfortable, it makes the victory that much the sweeter and takes the edge of losing by 3s the week before.

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