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Head of the River Race, Lent Term 2015

1st men's VIII (In3)

Coxed by: Tom Herbert
Coached by: Tom Rose

158th overall; 34rd in IM3 category; Halladay position 31
Time: 19:40.41
Since John has given a pretty good summary of the race prep during the several days of training on the tideway I will just talk about the race itself.  

After a quick early morning outing with the full crew for the first time since Tuesday (trying to get Sam and Rob up to speed with our technical changes and adjusting the crew order yet again) and then having to pull in to replace our cox box midway through the paddle to marshalling we finally made it to the start line. We set off at a solid 34, finding our rhythm and moving through Eton Excelsior ahead of us. We managed to maintain this through the first 4 or 5 km as the chasing boat of Fitz began to fall away.  

Another overtake happened slightly later and we began to creep slowly up on Emma without ever moving to within a few lengths. Unfortunately, the good rhythm that we had set-up in the first 5k fell apart coming through Hammersmith Bridge and round the mile post we were not moving anywhere near as effectively. It was a disappointing last stretch of the race, but no doubt something that the crew can learn from. As Matt is so fond of saying, there's plenty more speed to find!
(A. Strange)

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