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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2014

3rd men's novice VIII (Student Beginner VIIIs)

3rd men's novice VIII
in Titan
bow Sam Rowe 2 C.L. Jenkins
3 V.S. Backhaus 4 M.K. Bryden
5 Matthew Crowe 6 Unknown
7 H. Sachs str Robin Xu
Time: 11:55
A great beginning to a budding rowing career...It is an amazing experience getting up to race speed we were asked to get it up to at least 27 -28 strokes I think and we responded in kind and for the first half it seemed to be going along quite well.   I think we were all in time but I don't really know, I remember telling myself just focus on number four (Mike) -   what is he doing? Am I out of time or is he? A couple of us shouted out to spur the crew on, I was trying to focus on something, "what did Neil say: separation?,   Barney told me once is it arms - back - legs?" Most of that was lost in a blur..."The cox, what is he saying?" I looked forward and saw Martin go through a strange and frantic movement, 'is this a crab?' he looks like he is on his seat, no he isn't but he's still attempting to keep time with the crew.   He holla's out but manages to recover his seat but you can feel the boat slow and it responds differently.   We get it back up to speed again and then we have another frantic effort from Martin.   I'm a novice and I'm just trying to focus on the basics of timing and getting the blade out as best as I can, I want to square the blade early but the boat leans to bow which seems impossible to do because I hit the surface of the water early with my blade.   Then I feel my timing go out because the boat does something else and my seat slides, I lurch back and I end up just trying to do something that resembles effort.     "Bring it back, focus on Mike what is he doing?"   I think someone caught a mini crab in bow?   The last 500 meters and we are doing what we can to bring it home and then it is over.     I'm exhausted but in a strange way, incredibly euphoric over the whole experience. I've got   some kind of buzz and wondering when the next time is. Addiction? Certainly not! I'm looking   down the length of the boat at my crew and I've got an incredible sense of pride towards them "NM3" - #$@! yeah!!   My first race, lots of adrenaline and certainly a lot to take in but all worth it and a chance to look forward to the next event.
(V.S. Backhaus)

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