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May Bumps 2014

3rd men's VIII

Missing crew list
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Rowed over
With the crews around them quickly bumping out the guys relaxed slightly before getting to the reach and finding Queens going nuts behind them while going for the double uber bump (up 4 due to a technical row over and a bump). M3 responded briefly and held them at about 2 lengths before a small crab took the margin down to a length. By the railway bridge Queens were maybe down to about three quarters of a length though at this point M3 were spared an excessively painful row over by their start position with Queens being forced to stop at bottom finish due to starting on station 11. Overall not a bad row and a good reminder that you're only safe once you're past the finish (or at least the other crews' finish). (MC Row(e))
Rowed over
Rowed over trivially. With Selwyn and Peterhouse swapping back and Tit Hall trailing by at least 5 lengths there was never really any doubt about the result, unless someone ejected of course. (MC Row(e))
Rowed over
With Tit Hall falling rapidly to Maggie behind and Selwyn and Peterhouse continuing to repeatedly bump each other in front instead of sending some stuff down, M3 were soon left as the only racing crew on the river so rowed over yet again.

Overall a rather uneventful race. This turned out to be a good thing as Catarina lost her voice on the reach which would have made a close run race rather iffy...

Good luck for holding off Maggie tomorrow Guys!
(MC Row(e))
Bumped by LMBC III
Unfortunately Maggie were quite fast and managed to catch M3 at some point along the course that I currently can't remember. Anyone else wish Peterhouse and Selwyn had made up their damn minds a bit sooner? (MC Row(e))

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