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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2014

1st men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Matthew Crowe

Quarter finals
Lost to Peterhouse by 1 1/4 lengths
The crew for 99s almost resembled the May's crew, although Chris was missing. This particular combination was fairly stable; I think we had been out at least twice in the crew order of the day.

Off the start we held them fairly well, although didn't move away. This was disappointing. We then faded away throughout the course. Not our best rowing, but it cleared the cobwebs. (Sam)
Plate final
Beat Catz by not crabbing. Then had impromptu race to the finish line, started by a game of chicken, which we won by "a canvas"
Our start was poor. Catz took several seats in the first moments of the race, and moved fairly steadily out to 2/3rds of a length, and then a full length. It felt like once we settled into a rhythm, Catz started to move less slowly on us. Whether we were in fact moving back on Catz is presumably dependent on which boat you sat in.

It was at this point that their stroke man crabbed. It must have been a fairly major event, because it took them over into us, and caused an after-crab for another of their crew. We disentangled and sat around a little bit, before Priya (the Catz cox) gave us a lesson in racing and called Catz back up. They were down on us though, and so we had time to respond and get back up to speed without relinquishing too much ground.

Nothing got broken, and everyone seemed unhurt. With a crew change for us, and a lack of crabs from Catz, it will be interesting to see where we stand come Bumps.

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