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Lent Bumps 2014

3rd men's VIII

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Alex Caulfield

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Alex Caulfield

Rowed over
An interesting debut. Sadly not quite to plan.

We were about a length off Magdalene coming into 1st post, who had Churchill 1/2 a length ahead of them. Steering to the outside round 1st post in order to get the bump via overlap, and get on their inside for Grassy, both the bank party and I failed to see an Emma boat (bumped out) hiding in the greenery outside the exit of 1st post. No lasting harm came from the brief encounter, but apologies to the Emma crew if they read this. Luckily CUCBC confirmed that this was impossible to avoid, and saved us the indiginity of a 'dangerous coxing' fine, instead deciding that our urination in public was unacceptable.

A good race right to the line sitting a length off Magdalene, but sadly they got Churchill just under the railway bridge before we could get them. As always in Bumps, nothing quite went to plan. Looking forward to an attempt on Churchill tomorrow :) (Alex)
Went off the start quite hard, completely failed to communicate to Alex quite how slowly Caius III were going behind us (I think we took two lengths in our first 10 strokes), settled onto a mediocre 35 and hammered our way along a bit in the wash. We got some whistles down First Post Reach, and got to half a length into the Gut. Then we hit Emma M2, drifting around approximately tucked into the inside of the corner; apparently Thomas and Iain on the bank had seen them, but we couldn't hear them, and Alex was blinded by the low sun. Apparently the umpire was also somehow blinded, as he turned round and asked Thomas whether he'd seen the crew.

In any case, blades were recovered from somewhere behind the strokesider's heads, no-one seemed to be more than bruised, so we set off again, apparently two lengths down. We clawed our way back up to a length, and then looped through:
*Hear three whistles from the coaches ahead, or a panicked shout from Thomas, suggesting the crew ahead would bump out soon
*Frantically wind the rate
*Give up after about three strokes when nothing happened.

This didn't work very well, so we staggered our way to the railway bridge, where Churchill (who'd presumably expected that we would remove Magdalene if they gave us enough time) finally fell to Magdalene. (Peter)
Rowed over
Technical row-over awarded after Magdalene and Churchill cause carnage bumping out ahead of us. (Alex)
Bumped Magdalene II
Finally. (Alex)
Increased stability from rowing in the Janousek meant we wound higher and strode onto 38, which unsettled me rather; I didn't feel we would be able to row effectively for more than a couple of minutes after this start. Luckily we didn't, the crews in front cleared successfully this time (although we still had four changes of direction during First Post corner), and we had an overlap call coming into the Gut. According to our bankparty, the cox should probably have conceded before we started our Bumps push, so we hit them quite hard. And then discovered we couldn't remember how to make boats go sideways. (Peter)
Bumped Selwyn II
Selwyn weren't very fast, so we bumped them. I was slightly annoyed that we took a whole 46 (or 36; there was some disagreement within the crew) strokes to bump them, but I believe we did just about catch them earlier than Churchill had on the previous day. We were probably taking rather more strokes per metre than most crews in this division...

Then JGS's dad pulled a large branch off a nearby tree, we distributed bits of it amongst the crew, and Bence kept the remainder. This caused much hilarity on the bank and on CamFM, but after a while he got tired of having to row inside arm only and Alex took over the tree-waving. (Peter)

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