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Lent Bumps 2014

2nd men's VIII

Coxed by: Matthew Crowe

Bumped by Jesus II
Flat out right from the start, but Jesus M2 were just too fast, and bumped just before First Post Corner.

Probably the best rowing we've done yet this term, though, and there are rumours that we were possibly keeping up with Homerton M1. (Preeyan)
Jesus were unbelievably fast; there was nothing we could do. Overall we rowed well for the short time we were racing. (Tom)
Good start for our first race as a crew, but Jesus had some serious acceleration . We are being chased by Maggie tomorrow and we WILL hold them off.

Dom (D.F.J. Pugh)
A good solid start at 7th, under the motorway bridge, with the canon noise reverberating in our ears. Thanks to Iain however for his patented canon acclimatisation technique (two fingers in ears for 4 minute gun, one finger in shore side ear for 1 minute gun, mouth open for start).
It quickly became clear that we were not going fast enough to outpace Jesus M2; once we were up and running, our bow pair puddles were not being hit by stroke pair. Jesus on the other hand were well out of their pueblos. They had the boat speed and we were bumped shortly before first post corner. (H.B. Taylor)
We managed to hold off Jesus for about a minute and we cleared up the river for the other crews quickly. (Will)
Bumped by LMBC II
The afternoon got off to a particularly bad start when M1 forbade me from having anything to do with tonight's cooking. Denial spawned disbelief which gave way to fury, and I came to the boathouse ready to fight fire with fire.

Opinions differed, though: apparently it's better to fight fire with river water.

Our goal was to row over in front of LMBC II. We were fully successful: we rowed in front of LMBC II, and it was over pretty soon afterwards.

Plan for tomorrow: we're going to remove the bungee, loosen the rate cap back up to 28, and put the Scotsman back in the boat at stroke. (Preeyan)
Decent start again, managed to make it significantly further than yesterday with MC Rowe achieving his personal best Bumps distance. Sadly, the Red Filth caught up fairly quickly, though not as quickly as the Jesuans.

Big race tomorrow to prove to ourselves that we can do it.Positive heads will be on and we will row over. (D.F.J. Pugh)
Clearly, it goes without saying that having been bumped twice in a row is indeed rather unpleasant. However, we should acknowledge the different natures of the crews involved. One should always bare in mind that most of us were novices last term and have thus little rowing experience and still plenty to learn. This definitely applies to me as well.
Although I do think we rowed well with no major mistakes from our side. Considering that the other team (Maggie) seemed considerably more experienced, one simply cannot fairly compare us to them and draw inferences about our ability as a crew from the fact that they bumped us. I am certain we are making good progress as a crew and we are getting better with every successive outing. Consequently, one can reasonably expect us to perform better in future races.
Nonetheless, as Preeyan concisely pointed out today, the next two bumps races are independent of the last two. WE CAN STILL GET A BUMP ON ANOTHER CREW!!!
Let the two previous races not demoralise us and approach the upcoming races with an open-minded attitude. We are capable of rowing well and if the next crews are of comparable composition to us, I am sure we will do much better. (F. Schaffner)
The main positive of the race was that we went further than on Tuesday, but not much further.
There may have been an element of complacency in our crew going into the race; we simply weren't expecting the jump Maggie had on us and perhaps we panicked.
The best thing to do on Friday is to forget the last two races and row the best we can to hold off Queens' and hopefully we'll make it past the first corner. (Tom)
Bumped by Queens' II
It was disappointing. We caught a crab off the first few strokes of the start allowing Queens' to plough straight into MC Rowe's back under the motorway bridge. Matt fortunately managed to emerge from the collision unscathed.
In total, we probably only rowed 50m, which left everyone in the boat feeling highly frustrated.
Our last race tomorrow is going to be unpredictable, since we haven't had a chance to fully gauge Queens' and Wolfson's capabilities; I only hope that we can make a proper race of it, to make up for today. (Tom)

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