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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2013

1st women's VIII (Student Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Yining Nie

Fastest women's VIII
Time: 10:03
Thomas said I had to write a race report. So here it is.

We pushed off from the boathouse in quite a rush, as several other FaT crews were waiting to get their boats out. We then sat in a queue for the next hour or so, and made friends with an Emma IV+. The queue provided lots of entertaining carnage coming back upstream. We had a lovely paddle from the P&E up the reach. We did a lovely wind along Plough Reach, and settled into some paddling with pauses as we were rapidly encroaching on the crews in front of us. Marshaling took forever, but it provided us with the opportunity to embarrass Simon (Hi Simon!) multiple times. Also, I want some of the Imperial Medicine BC leggings. They're awesome.

Anyhow, the race.

We had a reasonable wind into the motorway bridge and strode onto a reasonable 31. After a quite rapid start, we grew a bit complacent into first post corner, and settled a bit more than we should have for a 2K-ish race. We'll have to find more commitment for Fairbairns and Lents - no one was quite ready to go unsustainable, and, as Thomas pointed out, we need to get there. However, we did pick things up a bit once Yining informed us that Emma was pulling away from us on Plough Reach. We had a nice push into Ditton, cornered and pushed again on the reach. I thought we rowed particularly well on the Reach today, but perhaps that's because there wasn't much of a headwind - in any case, the Reach didn't feel horrific, and though the pain was setting in, bodies and blades stayed fairly accurate. A push off the railway bridge brought a few pips more of rate into the finish.

All in all, a strong, confidence-building race that demonstrated that we still have a bit more to give. (Alexa)
I've noticed a general trend in race reports: the better we do, the more we chat about non-race stuff. Alexa's coverage of the always comedic Winter Head marshalling situation was quite comprehensive, so I'll just move onto the serious business.

We were close to a minute faster today than we were in Autumn Head three weeks ago. I figure 10s comes from having less headwind, 10s from W1 blades and Valkyrie, and the rest from greater togetherness through the boat and sheer hard work (we gained our 10s winning margin essentially entirely on the Reach). The smoothness and contrast we've been trying to develop in the IVs has translated astonishingly well into the VIII and really made us fly. Now that we've regained some confidence, let's commit to getting even bigger, better and faster!

Three more weeks 'til Fairbairns, ladies - LET'S GET IT! (Yining)
Possibly enough for a bump.
An acceptable result, but one which the other colleges can still hope to overturn before fairbairns. Commitment required to push for everything for the next two weeks.
Longer term, more speed is needed between the crews to ensure that W1 go head once again in Lent term.
Sadly the result was also a distant second in terms of performance to the LMBC W1 IV that did a rather spectacular 10:56. (Thomas)

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