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Mich Term 2013

2nd men's novice VIII

Cambridge Winter Head (Student Beginner VIIIs)

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Emma Sprints (Division 2)

1st round
Beat Robinson
A really lighthearted paddle down dressed in wonderful cheap and tacky pirate costumes was followed by a tense start. First and Third held the lead by a canvas for 30 strokes, before slowly pulling away. Shortly afterwards Robinson caught a crab and NM2 cruised over the finish line in fine form. After winning Felix held up some tissues yelling "I've got these to give to the next crew!" What a lad. (Tom)
Quarter finals
Lost to Churchill
As NM2 spun, they collided with the bank, breaking off the bowball. Accepting the inevitability, I stripped off my upper layers, and lowered myself as far as I could into the river to fumble it off the riverbed. Just before I was about to topple in, I snatched it with amazing dexterity. We taped it on as best we could.

The start was good and clean, and while Churchill really could not keep time, their power soon showed out, pink shirts notwithstanding. The race was full of crabs and seat falls on both sides, and while First and Third made huge gains on at least two occasions, Churchill crossed the finish line by over a length. (Tom)
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Clare Novice Regatta (Men's Plate)

1st round
Beat Jesus B by 1/2 length
Our first round was against Jesus' NM2. After a slight delay due to their lack of bow ball we lined up, a process which took suprisingly long as Jesus kept, inadvertently I'm sure, drifting forward.

The boats were pretty even for the first hundred feet or so before we started pulling ahead. Despite getting rather close to their side of the river, no clashes occurred as we were almost a whole length ahead, although the marshals were getting irate.

As the finish line approached, Jesus managed to find new strength and they accelerated forward at an alarming rate. Fortunately, it was a case of too little too late although they did cut the distance between us significantly.

It was a great race and celebrations certainly weren't muted. (A.M. O'Neill)
2nd round
Pembroke C scratched
Gave NM2 a lie in on Saturday morning. Thanks Pembroke! (Barney)
Lost to Lady Margaret B by a canvas

It was a good race, with both crews holding level off the start. We slowly started to move away after a couple of hundred metres, but they hung on to us. We had a big push out of the railway bridge, with Felix deciding that a power ten wasn't enough and calling his own super power ten, and pulled out half a length.

With about 15 strokes to go, I thought they had it in the bag. Then a pretty massive crab appeared, and Maggie came back... and just about edged it over the line. Definitely less than a canvas - neither us nor Maggie knew who'd won it until we asked the marshals.

A very promising race, with a disappointing end. However, it's looking very promising for Fairbairns - I think that NM2 have a good shot at being the fastest NM2 on the river. (Barney)
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (1st division)

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