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University IVs 2013

W1 A (1st division)

Coxed by: Yining Nie

1st round
Beat Selwyn by 13 seconds
Time: 10:00
The fate of a few overturned lawnchairs had us amused at the amount of devastation wreaked by the UK's "worst storm in decades." By mid-morning, the sun was shining and the chairs had been rescued. Nonetheless it was a blustery day, made more difficult by the lack of working speakers in Scylla.

After waiting and tapping nervously for a full 5 minutes for Selwyn to be pointed in the right direction, we executed the best start I've seen since Mays, and our first half of the race was long and relaxed. We started flagging around Grassy and managed a decent Plough Reach before things started feeling heavy. Cornering was difficult, especially as the wind began to catch our bows but we endured against the massive headwind to reached our post before our opposition. Selwyn were fast and sat hard on our tail until they were blown into the clutches of Ditton and its patron tree. (Yining)

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